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Understanding the cause of Allergies in Pets and some natural suggestions to reverse and prevent allergies from developing.


We bought a beautiful male puppy, which my husband named Buster Bear. He came from really good stock, but shortly after we brought him home, he started failing. And didn't thrive. I pumped him full of herbs.

It broke my heart to seem him losing weight, losing fur and laying around. He was quickly losing his spunk. It got so bad that I thought he was going to die.

I was guilty of giving our dogs cheaper food. Mostly because I give them so many supplements.

Buster was not reacting well, even though we were pumping him full of herbs. I was stumped. It wasn't worms, it wasn't a health problem. So I decided to play around with his food.

When we switched to food which contained no corn filler (which most cheaper dog food has), he perked up so quickly it was almost unbelievable. He is now a robust, active, sweet and healthy 6 month old. All of his hair came in and beautifully I might add.

From doing research I found that some dogs get itchy from allergies. I would look towards diet first. Then the shampoo you are using for them. After you have made those changes their are some herbs which might help.

  • Liver Cleanse - to help clean and purify the blood
  • Burdock is known to help itching in some dogs
  • Flaxseed oil is excellent for those dogs with dry skin
  • Combination Three (now known as Herbal Trace Minerals) is great for keeping down animal dander. (Owners also benefit if they are allergic to their pet. It almost makes their animals hypoallergenic. :o)

Although this is not an allergy... Doggy odor all but disappears (making shampooing less necessary) when the dog drinks nothing but liquid chlorophyll water.

Allergies put a stress on the immune system. Even if your pets scratching or other symptoms do not bother you, it is best to eliminate allergies.

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