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Understanding the cause of Anemia in Pets and some natural suggestions to reverse and prevent anemia from developing.


There are several reasons for anemia in pets. For cats the most common is feline leukemia (aka panleukopenia).

For other animals, anemia is most commonly not caused by a virus but rather fleas, parasites, diet and liver health.

A way to check if your animal is anemic (on a regular basis between vet calls) is to look at their gums. Get accustomed to the color of your pets and check frequently.

Let's examine the causes individually.

  • Fleas. There are 3 herbal products which helps prevent flea infestation.
  1. Herbal trace minerals (formally Combination Three)
  2. Garlic. The fleas feast on the animals blood. Adding garlic to their diet makes the blood unappealing to the fleas.
  3. There is a shampoo for lice which is natural and can be use to help with fleas.
  • Parasites. I believe in periodically getting the stole of your animal tested. I know many people say they have used herbs successfully to get rid of parasites. I agree except for tapeworms. I have not had good results with herbs getting rid of tape worms.

  • Milk products bind iron. Milk is not healthy for humans or animals.
  • If your pet is gassy, and anemic, it might be due to a weak liver. It is the liver which stores iron and B 12 and copper. I would add Liver cleanse or Dandelion it you suspect the anemia is caused by a weakened liver.

There are less common causes of anemia which should be addressed under the care of a competent animal health professional.

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