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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

ANIMAL Health Conditions

I am an ND and have been working with the health of people since 1990. During that time we have had 5 dogs and 2 cats. I first started taking care of our pets naturally. They are more human like than we think and respond predictably when given human regimens. Then I have purchased 2 books on Animals and Herbs. This site is the meshing of the two.
Allergies Cataracts Hip Dysplasia
Anemia Conjunctivitis of eyes Hot Spots (on skin)
Appetite Crate Training and use Kennel Cough
Arthritis Dry Coat Leaking Urine
Bad Breath Feline Leukemia (Panleukopenia) Parvo
Body Odors Fleas Pyometria
Bowel problems Herbal Medicine Chest Stool Eating

The focus of this site is to "educate, validate, and suggest alternative methods for the treatment of health conditions," which are not readily available to those who go through mainstream programs.

To help ensure good results, high quality foods and supplements are vital. Knowing that the cost of supplements can get overwhelming, we provide a wholesale store.

This is a courtesy, not a requirement for you to ask your questions. We are here to help people, not just gain customers.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

***When working with natural health it is beneficial that you have an understanding of the signs of a healing body. ***