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Understanding the cause of Abnormal appetites in Pets and some natural suggestions to reverse and prevent problems with appetites from developing.



If the loss of appetite is short term and the animal is an adult it could be something mild and probably does not need addressed.

In young animals, the fear of low blood sugar should be addressed. To long without food can cause the blood sugar to dip dangerously low. Liquid minerals could be helpful.

Long term loss of appetite should be addressed by a competent animal health professional.


Excessive appetite can come from several things. One is if the animal has ever been starved (often when you get animals from the pound you do not know of their history). Personally our animals have never been overweight. I have available for them food on demand. My dogs or cats have never fought over food or growl if someone goes near them when they are eating.

Abnormal hunger can be caused by Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies. Either because their food is of low quality or lacking nutrients. Oftimes they will try eating weird things like rabbit feces or stones etc.

Poor digestion can also cause deficiencies. Peppermint oil, Tahitian Noni and working with the liver (liver cleanse). Symptoms of poor digestion are: gassiness, diarrhea or constipation. Liquid chlorophyll is an easily assimilated source of minerals and nutrients.

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