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Understanding the cause of Body Odor in Pets and some natural suggestions to reverse and prevent Body Odor from developing.


I hope I do not insult any animal lovers out there but I got to come clean. When my husband suggest we get a dog, I first thought of the smell. Not just of accidents, but of the smell of a dog.

A friend of mine said that the smell is part of the charm of having a dog. My response to that is ... when did you get your lobotomy?

I believe a dog to be a great companion, but the smell is a by product not an asset.

Well the good news is you can have your cake and eat it to. Or in this case your dog and your odor free home too. The answer is.... Liquid chlorophyll.

We put liquid chlorophyll in our dogs water. At first very diluted, then we increased as they got use to it. Now it is so strong you can't see through the water. And guess what... No more doggy odor.

There are other benefits as well. Their skin seems healthier, and it will help alkalize their body so they are less likely to get arthritis or cancers.

So if you are like my friend and like the doggie BO.... Use plain water. But if you rather smell the roses rather than a pungent pooch.... Liquid Chlorophyll is for you.

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