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Bowel problem solutions.



Admit it. A pet can become like one of the family. We often like to spoil them. But I am afraid to say most constipation problems happen because of our love of our pets.

Most animals in the wild do not have bowel problems. But they also do not eat table scraps. Yep. That is it. The most common cause of constipation problems (and cancer as well) is from your dog eating table scraps.

A dog can not fully break down any food which is cooked over 130 degrees. So cheap dog food or food off the table can be the main culprit.

A lack of water and a lack of exercise are probably the number 2 cause of constipation and the number 3 common problem is him having to hold it for long periods of time.

A good treat for animals especially dogs are raw vegetables it is good for their teeth, satisfies the need to chew and adds fiber to their diet.


There are many causes of diarrhea. The three most common are parasites, change in food and a pH imbalance.

Parasites will have a page dedicated to this subject.

Change in dog food. Dogs do not need a variety in their food. If you do change types of dog food, I suggest you do it gradual, by mixing some of the old with the new. Changing the portion as you go to dominate old food to dominate new food.

When you buy a puppy or kitten ask the breeder to give you some of the food the puppy is accustomed.

A pH imbalance often develops because of the terrible table scraps. Since the animal can not digest cooked food the food will ferment causing gas and acid. This acid can cause diarrhea as well as arthritis and cancer.

For chronic diarrhea I suggest psyllium hulls.

For diarrhea after an anti biotic, I suggest flora force.

Blood or mucus in stool

Most often it is parasites. I suggest you try a parasite cleanse and if that doesn't work, work with your vet.

Slippery elm is great for soothing the bowel. It also absorbs moisture to help with inflammation.

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