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I was surprised with the number of people who ask me about cataracts in their pets. I know this happens to people, but animals have a harder time compensating for the loss of their vision

There is a lens over the eye. When the body has calcium it can not utilize it sometimes deposits the calcium in the lens. This is basically a cataract.

Milk, cheese and dairy products in general are the worse culprits for this happening. I suggest you do not give it to your animals.

A lack of magnesium can cause it as well. Do not add straight magnesium to your animals diet without the help of your vet or herbalist. There is a balanced cal/mag supplement called Skeletal Strength which I strongly suggest.

There is an herbal combination called EW which helps clean out the calcium out of the lens. I have seen animals and people a like, have the lense be restored to a clear membrane that is should be.


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