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Understanding the cause of Conjuctivitis and some natural suggestions to help reverse and prevent conjuctivitis

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye - Eye Infection)

We had a cat which regularly developed an infection in her eye. It would swell closed and seep.

We would make a eye made of EW.

When making anything that is to be introduced into the eye it is very important to keep everything that comes in contact with the solution: pan, storing container, cloth etc. sterile.

CAUTION: Anything but strict adherence can result in at least an eye infection.

To make the eyewash, put one teaspoon of the formula in a cup of boiling distilled water. You should never use tap water. When the tea has cooled, and the herbs have settled to the bottom, pour the solution through a clean, unbleached piece of 100% cotton. Don't use any synthetic fibers.

Pour the eye wash in a dark bottle with a dropper. Keep it refrigerated warming to room temperature when you put it in the animals eye. The solution will only keep for a week. Then the rest should be thrown out.

Make sure you do not touch anything with the tip of the dropper or it will contaminate the eye wash.

This solution also helps dogs whose eyes get matted.

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