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Understanding the cause of dry coat in Pets and some natural suggestions to reverse and prevent dry coat from developing.

Dry Skin

Dry skin could be a sign that your dogs health is not what it should be.

As I have stated before good quality food is essential even if you do supplement (this is a new belief for me. We use to give economy dog food and supplement). I saw on the TV that some dog food companies picks up some of its protein from rotten road kill. ICKY.

Aside from poor food the two main causes of dry skin is over shampooing (or grooming) or a lack of fatty acids.

If you give your pet is given liquid chlorophyll, the necessity of bathing will not be as frequent. Using a mild shampoo.

If overgrooming or health is not the problem, then I would suspect a fatty acid defiency. I suggest using flaxseed oil. It contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. Our dogs lap it up off of their spoon.

I would also like to address the occasional cause of dry skin... the thyroid. Usually a dogs nose is pickish if they have a thyroid problem. If this is the case often the fur is also thin. Kelp is hard to get down an animal. But it sometimes can be mixed in with soft food.

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