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Fleas a problem?


Evidently it is for the owners of pets who spent an estimated 1 BILLION do llars on flea control products. That is mind boggling.

We have multiple animals in our home at all times. So far we have had 2 cats and a total of 9 dogs (not all at one time.. I am not that nuts. :o) But up to 4 at a time (okay so I am a little nuts or as I prefer it... a pet advocate).

Of them we have never had a major flea problem. Once when we got our kitten from a pet shop, but not for long.

Last year I buckled and gave my dogs advantage behind their heads because I was afraid of ticks (Our golden retrievers go with us where it is heavily populated with deer to swim while we fish.)

But that was the first for 20 some years of sharing our home with pets.

I also learned when I researched for this article that there are different kind of fleas.

Cat Flea Ctenocephalides felis (Bouche)


Dog Flea Ctenocephalides canis(Curtis)

Rabbit Flea Cediopsylla simplex (Baker)

Fleas can cause some health problems in an animal (such as anemia)(fleas also can spread lyme disease).

But it could also an indication that your animal's health is a little under par. Most truly healthy animals do not harbor fleas.

So what happens if you see the spots on spots jumping?

First clean the sleeping and living quarters of your pet. The herb pennyroyal planted around where your dog plays can considerably cut down on the chances of flea infestation.

Bathe your animal (unless it is a cat) with shampoo laced with Tea Tree oil.(might be a good idea to put tea tree oil in the water you wash their bedding in.)

Giving your pets Herbal Trace Minerals (formally combination three) and garlic is an excellent way of making the conditions on your animals unfavorable to fleas.

Check for fleas constantly during the warmer season. Most often you can find the feces which looks like pepper right above the tail.

I am ashamed that I broke down and put toxic chemicals on my dogs last summer. When I think of the damage I might have done to their liver and kidneys, it resigns me to researching if this is also a protectant against ticks.

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