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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Herbal Medicine Chest for Animals.

Herbal Medicine Chest for Animals

Health Condition
Herb Traditionally Used:
Anxiety and Stress. For Calming. Chinese Mood Alivator Avoid during pregnancy.
Poor digestion, flatulence, belching
Anti-Gas Formula, catnip/fennel None of which I am aware.
Respiratory problems besides Kennel Cough ALJ None of which I am aware.
Arthritis Liquid Chlorophyll, Alfalfa and for difficult cases JNT-A conscentrate. Avoid during pregnancy and nursng
Eye Problems EW and Eyebright plus None of which I am aware.
Parasites Artemisia, Black Walnut, Herbal Pumpkin Do not do a cleanse on if weak, pregnant, young or nursing.
Boils or splinter like conditions Black Ointment topically None of which I am aware.
Hip and Joint problems Condroiton and Skeletal Strength. None of which I am aware.
Infections Lymph cleanse Not to be given in mega doses on dogs who have an imbalance of the blood sugar.
BASIC NUTRITOIN Skeletal Strength, Liquid Chlorophyll and Herbal Trace minerals None of which I am aware.

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