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Understanding the cause of hip dyslasia and natural suggestion and of prevention of hip dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

Most people are very into OFA certified hips and elbows and shoulders when choosing a puppy.

Hip Dysplasia is caused by the hip ball not fitting snugly in the hip socket. This condition then causes the hip joint to get chewed out from wearing and arthritis starts setting in. It is extremely painful for the dog and often results in needed surgery.

This condition is thought to be completely genetic.

I think some of the problems which develop are genetic, but I truly believe that diet is the key.

We have a female golden, who's father has excellent hips. I just recently found out she has the genetic hip problem. She is 4 1/2 and shows absolutely NO symptoms. Even the Vet said he was shocked because when he examined her, he could not detect it. It was the x-rays which was the only indication..

I attribute that to her diet and supplementation. I have given her Skeletal Strength and Liquid Chlorophyll since she was little.

She runs and jumps and wrestles with the best of the other dogs.

Here are some crude drawing explaining what happens in hip Dysplasia.

The reason I had my dog tested was because one of her many daughters (just one of them) had an elbow Dysplasia. So I wanted to see if it was the father or mother of the litter which passed that on.

Hip Dysplasia and elbow Dysplasia come from separate faulty genes.

Both the mother and father have excellent elbows.

However, the owner my dogs daughter, feeds her dog cooked meat. As mentioned in an earlier article, a dog can not break down cooked meat and it can start effecting their joints. She also doesn't give her dog supplements.

So genetics play a part.. But I totally believe diet and supplementation are an equally important part.

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