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Understanding the cause of hot spot (skin) and natural suggestion for prevention of hot spot (skin)

Hot Spots

The origin of hot spots are toxicity, deficiencies, boredom and habit.

The skin of an animal can be itchy from flaky, dry, yeasty skin.

Some fungus or yeast can be seen if you shine a black light on the suspected area. If it has a greenish glow it is probably fungal (yeast). For this condition, I suggest topically tea tree oil, Avoiding unnecessary anti-biotics is the best way to prevent yeast overgrowth.

The equivalent of psoriasis in animals have the same source as in people... the liver. A blood cleanser such as Red Clover Blend and Liver cleanse.

For dry skin, Nothing can beat Flaxseed oil.

Sometimes after a skin condition is remedied, the animal out of habit will chew or lick at the area where the hot spot use to be. If it is a nervous dog, Chinese Stress Relief and flaxseed oil are recommended. If nerves are not involved, I suggest putting on an ample amount of capsicum. The hot taste will dieter your pets chewing.

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