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Understanding the cause of kennel cough and natural suggestion to prevention of kennel cough

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is basically a cold. It is highly contagious and effects the respiratory system, and can cause runny eyes, sore throats, sneezing and coughing to the point of vomiting..

It gets its name because often when dogs are under stress (as when in a kennel) they are more suseptiable to contracting it. It is caused by a virus.

A virus only lingers where there are toxins, so keeping your dog very healthy is the best defense against getting this condition. Avoiding places where there there are other dogs, such as dog shows, the vets and as the name applies kennels.

If your dog happens to get Kennel cough, I would give them VS-C. Although I never used it personally, I am told it works wonders.

UPDATE: July 2019, after taking my dog Boom to the groomer, he developed that dreaded hacky kennel cough. I taped a glutathione patch on his collar. By the next morning he wasn't hacking up huge amounts of mucus like he had the first day and within 3 days his cough was totally gone.

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