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Understanding the cause of leaking and natural suggestion and prevention of leaking.

Leaking Problems

There are several reasons for animals leaking urine. It can happen because of old age, weak bladders (especially after having a litter), infection, nervousness or excitement and in dogs a sign of submissiveness.

For infection Lymph cleanse and Urinary Maintenance are my first choice.

For a weak bladder There is a homeopathic called Incontinence we used on Nakiah (our oldest female dog). She would dribble when a stranger would come into our house, not because she was frightened, but rather excited. The homeopathic greatly helped.

Cornsilk is also suppose to tone up the bladder.

If it is submissiveness leaking is much harder to stop. Here are a few suggestions:

The more dominant you are, the more submissive you dog will be. Easing up a tad will do much more benefit than clamping down.

Help the dog build self confidence by developing a loving bond with him.

When you greet your dog, do so, while not in a standing position. This is a very dominant position. Crouch down and let the dog greet you. Even try ignoring the dog until some of the excitement wears off.

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