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Measles, English Measles explained the causes, symptoms, when they are contageous and how to support the body to help it though them more easily


(The M of the MMR Vaccine)

English Measles

Measles are one of the childhood diseases (that is until the intervention of Vaccines). Since many parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children, I decided to put this on the web because their children could get measles and there is not as much know about it as when it was once a common childhood event.

If your child has good nutrition and lifestyle habits and has not had poisons regularly put into his body, measles although an illness, needn't be scary. For further confirmation of this read the book HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD INSPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR.


Measles are caused by an airborne virus that enters through the nose and throat. It can also be contracted by touching the infected person or object they have touched.


Usually begins with a dry cough and low grade temperature, which increases over the next 5 days when a rash then breaks out and coughing increases. Around the eyes there is a red rim. It can be accompanied by neck and head pain and sensitivity to light and small spots inside the mouth.

The rash usually starts below the hairline and behind the ears and then spreads over the whole body in the following 36 hours. The rash can run together and usually fades in 3-4 days.


They are very contagious for 7 to 8 days starting 3 to 4 days before the rash appears.


Keep warm so they come out. Getting a chill can adversely affect this, force fluids and let the body take care of it. It is said to keep the child in the dark... others say that is an old wives tale. I couldn't find out info for sure one way or the other.

If the fever gets dangerously high or the child seems to be overwhelmed by it then you could add Yarrow tea and Echinacea.

The vast majority of children will have no serious complications with this or most childhood diseases, especially if they have been raised eating properly and with good healthy lifestyles.

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