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Herbs for Nervous system, nervine herbs at adequate levels causes dreaming, I suggest you increase until you dream nightly.

Nervine Herb dosages

It is illegal for me (and everyone in the US) to prescribe an amount of nervine or any type of herbs or supplements.

I can however tell you what I have noticed about dosages. I have worked with multiple thousands of people with OCD or other nerve or stress conditions.

One of the things which happens when you are under stress is that nutrients are washed out of the body. If they are not replenished, several symptoms can occur. One which helps many determine dosages of nervine herbs is the inability to dream nightly.

It has been recognized by many natural health professionals that a person with a healthy body and with a health nervous system, dreams every night... and usually several times a night.

The ability to dream at night is a very good gauge to determine if the body has an adequate supply of nutrients for the nervous system. So I often tell others what worked for me and many of those who have noticed a difference in the nervous systems, which is to increase the nervine combination until you start dreaming every night.

Dreams happen only in the 4th level of sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Nightmares are in the 5th level or a deeper level of sleep and still indicate a deficiency.

There are several good reasons for getting into the Dream level of sleep. One is it is an indication that your nervous system has the nutrients it needs. A second reason is the body health most efficiently when you get the proper level of sleep and thirdly it help (for a lack of better term) reboot the brain. It helps the subconscious sort out things.

SSRI'S (Serotonin ReUptake Inhibitors) or other drugs can artificially get a person into the 4th level of dream sleep. But the drugs do NOTHING to help heal the nervous system.

The amount of the capsules of herbs can be quite overwhelming. My nervous system was trashed. I started with the amount on the bottle (1/2 dosage for teens and 1/4 dosage for children under 11) and increase 1 every other to every 3rd night, until I was up to 45 of the nervines a day before I started to dream. I had to stay at that level for approx. 1 week and decreased daily until I was taking 20 a day and shortly after (a few months) I was able again to decrease. Now unless I am under a dramatic amount of stress I do not need to take nervine herbs at all.

It is best to take the herbs in smaller dosages throughout the day rather than all at once.

I believe adding spirulina and flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil is very beneficial.

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