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Spring Cleaning the Body

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Although you clean your home on a regular basis, once in a while you give the home a deep cleaning. Throwing away old useless things, cleaning nooks and crannies. During this season often the body does the same thing. Hence the spring colds or flu.

Virus and bacteria are the household pest of the body much like mice or cockroaches. If there is no food laying around for the mice and cockroaches, they move on to find a food supply.

The food supply for virus and bacteria is catarrh (acid and mucus with cell debris) or putrid feces. If the body is clean, the virus and bacteria will not stick around. Once they have found a home, the body's immune system is alerted and exterminators are sent out. In this case the immune system (lymphocytes, phagocyte and macrophages) rid the body of these invaders.

Often the body then sprays out the whole system. Both the invaders as well as their toxin food supply. If this happens in the sinus area you get a head cold. If it is in the lungs, a chest cold, in the stomach a stomach flu in the tissue a fever and in the bowel diarrhea.

To arbitrarily stop the body’s cleansing ability, such as: taking antibiotics, cold suppressants, fever reducers, etc., is to unarm the body’s exterminators, inhibiting their ability to do their job.


Therefore the toxic waste is still there.

I suggest if you develop a cold or flu and it isn't overwhelming the body to let it "clean house". You could wait for the cold and flu season or you could do your own Spring-cleaning.

This was a common practice in days gone by. Mother would line up the family members and give them dosages of vile tasting concoctions such as castor oil, and let the cleaning begin.

But now we know several ways to Spring Cleaning.

  1. 1 A short fast. A fast done properly is an excellent way to encourage the body to detoxify.
  2. A bowel cleanse. There are many bowel cleanses. Clean start, Ivy cleanse, etc. (caution: Only do a deep tissue or bowel cleanse if you do not have a weakened liver).
  3. A cell detox. Many people would gather leeks and ramps in the early spring. Debris often settles in fat. The sulfur in the leeks and ramps helps emulsify and melt the fats in hopes to release the toxins, which then can be eliminated. An intense 2 weeks mega dose of All Cell Detox is a superior way to get to the hard to eliminate toxins.
  4. Mega dosing Vitamin C to bowel tolerance (keep increasing until you get diarrhea and then cut back by one) for 2 weeks can encourage a respiratory cleanse. (Note: For the vitamin C to thin old mucus, you need to make sure you do not ingest milk products or sugars and drink plenty of fluids.)
  5. Cleanse the blood. Red clover has been used as a blood cleanser. The blood also should be thinner in the summer to help a person handle the heat. Too bad sassafras has been labeled as dangerous by the FDA or I would suggest it. :o)
  6. Increase enzymes. Not only does the body use enzymes to digest food, it uses it to digest debris in the tissue and blood stream. It even helps the body's immune system rid itself of tumors. Eating raw vegetables and fruits help make enzymes available to work on cleaning out the system. Food enzymes can also be taken between meals to help encourage the body to use the enzymes to digest abnormal cells throughout the body.
  7. Liver cleanse. Another common practice from days gone by was the gathering and eating of dandelion. I know of no better herb which both helps cleanse the liver as well as the kidneys.
  8. The stomach. If digestion is sluggish, ama (gummy substances) can accumulate in the stomach. Ginger tea during a 12 hour fast is often suggested.
  9. The skin is a great avenue in which to cleanse impurities. Vigorous exercise is perhaps the best way to push toxins through the pores. Drinking sage tea can promote sweating. This while soaking in a ginger bath can be very effective.

Additional Herbs, which help with detoxing, are: Liquid chlorophyll, Bentonite clay (under supervision only), Sheep sorrel, Milk thistle and Burdock Root

If your body becomes toxic enough it cannot do its spring-cleaning and the toxins can overwhelm the body. The body then becomes so weak it can't even kick out the virus and bacteria. Then the big "pest" will take over the place such as a chronic disease or cancer.

So cleaning the body either by letting nature take its course though colds, flu, etc or doing your own spring-cleaning will help prevent an overwhelmed toxic body.

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