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Aromatherapy, Understanding the basics of aromatherapy as well as common useages of various aromatic scents.


Worth every Scent

Have you ever caught a wisp of a scent that draws you to a flowering plant?

Our first instinct when we see a flower is to smell it.  Scientist are now just beginning to understand how important and how powerful the sense of smell is.

Your sense of taste knows only sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  The rest of the pleasure of eating is formed by the sense of smell.

Scientist can trace the reaction of smell directly to the hypothalamus stimulating it to produce neurotransmitters (chemical that transport nerve impulses) such as endorphins (which induces a feeling of well being).  The vibration of these smells are measured in Hertz (a unit used to measure wave frequencies).

Only the essence of plants can induce the production of these neurotransmitters.  Synthetic smells/oils do not.

The potential of aromatics lies in the fact that smells bypass the brain's thinking region.

It travels directly to the hypothalamus by the way of the olfactory nerve.  So chemicals can be produced in the brain even before you are consciously aware of the smell.

Not only has aromatherapy been used to lift spirits, it has been used to help regulate hormones, ease pain, relax, energize and activate sluggish systems.

I use the aromatherapy oil mixture called joy all the time.  I also use cinnamon for energy.

Smell is intricate part of our lives, whether we realize it or not.  It can either be filled with the artificial dulling scent that surround our daily lives or filled with the pleasant uplifting scents nature intended.

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