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Basil Thyroid Test explained.


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The Basil Method

Determining low thyroid function

Preparation the night before:

Shake down Basil (special thermometer which has smaller increments marked) thermometer put in easily accessible place (Where you can just reach with minimal movement.). The reason for this is that the slightest movement can cause your temperature to go up.

Basil chart and pencil on hand to keep track of your temperature.

This test needs to be done immediately upon wakening in the morning. Place the thermometer under the armpit holding arm close to the body for 10 minutes.

A normal temperature is between 97.8 to 98.2 F.

Any temperature lower than 97.8 could indicate low thyroid function.

Women's temperatures vary during the different phases of menstruation. Therefore, a woman should take an average temperature over a 10 day period.

(The following chart can also be used to help track fertility)

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