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Carpal Tunnel. Exercise to help re-establish equalibrium of the muscles in the hand helping alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel


Think of a swinging door with 2 springs on each side.  If the springs are even tension the door is properly aligned.

If the springs are unevenly tense i.e. one stretched out and the other VERY tight, the tight spring pulls the door out of its place.

So it is with muscles.  IF the muscles (for instance) in your wrist are more tense in the palm side than the back of the hand the bones are shifted and it puts pressure on the nerve causing carpal tunnel.

Operations can temporarily alleviate this but to exercise the back of the hand will strengthen those set of muscles and can re-establish equilibrium of the bones, tendons and fibers of the wrist.  Taking the pressure off the nerves.

Easy but effective exercise

An easy way to strenghten the muscles on the back of the hand is to interlace a tense rubber band between all the fingers as show below.

Then force the hand open. This causes resistance on the muscles of the back of the hand and can help strenghten them.

Repeat this as often as possible during the day. It takes a mim of 30 min a day for 3 weeks to see significant results.


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