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Chromium. Understanding symptoms of a deficiency of Chromium . Natural sources of chromium and the best supplementation of chromium


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Chromium is a trace mineral which is needed by the body to regulate insulin. It therefore, effects blood sugar levels.

Symptoms of a Chromium deficiency are: Craving milk, alcohol or sweets. These cravings and even the taste of these foods diminish when the deficiency is satisfied.

Things in nature that are sweet sometimes contain chromium, such as: red clover tops and raw honey. These can maintain a chromium level. However a deficiency often requires a supplement. GTF Chromium is a very stable chromium and does not put stress on the body or pancreas as does Chromium chelated to pinolenic acid such as chromium picolinate.

The average dosage taken by those with a deficiency is 2000 mcg (microgram).

The body doesn't produce minerals and since it is a trace mineral it is possible to take to much. I suggest no one take more than 2000 mcg without the aid of a competent health professional.

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