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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Food additives has been linked to health conditions such as: ms, pms, cancer, yeast infections, immune system problems, allergies, enviromental allergies, etc.



Some say there are no unadulterated food in any common food stores. After researching for this article I tend to agree.

The bulk of most people's food is store bought. Most of us do not have the means of producing our own food so it is really important for us to know what we are ingesting.

There is a lot of controversy about monosodium glutamate and metabisulfites we will examine these in a later newsletter.

There are all kind of stories of how processed food like unpackaged corn chips don't need to be covered at the manufactures at night because cockroaches and rats won't eat them. I'm not going to write much about what all bad things are in junk food because I believe just about everyone knows junk food is not good for them. There are many, however, that are trying to provide healthy meals for their family not knowing what is hidden in wholesome, natural looking food.

We will give you some idea of what is lurking in our food supply.


When possible we should all eat only dear meat, wild game or organically raised meat.

Mass produced meat especially beef shot full of hormones and antibiotics to make them fatten up and disease free (when you raise animals in too close a space and unnaturally you are subjecting them to the possibility of being disease ridden).

It's been made public how these animals have been raised but most consumers don't understand what this all implies.

Hormones injected into these animals are linked with:

A. The growing number of women with PMS (which after all is caused by a hormone imbalance).

B. More children with WEIGHT PROBLEMS (I don't think this is the only cause but it makes sense that if hormones are given to make the animals gain weight and it is stored in their flesh and the shots are fat soluble, that those who eat that flesh could have a weight gain.)

C. INFERTILITY in women. I couldn't find a reason to totally satisfy me on the legitimacy of this claim. Except hormones out of balance do effect menstrual flow and cycle.

D. DEPRESSION / AGGRESSION (hormones can cause drastic mood swings).

E. Development in young girls especially EARLIER MENSTRUATION and larger breast (it is thought the excess hormones in the system forces and accelerates the development in preadolescent girls).

Meat that has been pumped full of anti-biotics has been linked to:

A. Weakened IMMUNE SYSTEM - It is accepted among those in natural health that antibiotics weaken the immune system.

The antibiotic makes it unnecessary for the immune system to be activated. Working for a body system in time will make it lazy and weak, (just as it would if you didn't use a muscle).

B. MUTANT bacteria strains (the antibiotic may not be strong enough or taken long enough to kill a certain bacteria and it basically just wounds it. When it recovers, it is more resistant to antibiotics.

C. BOWEL PROBLEMS - In the intestine there are different bacteria, among them acidophilus bacillus or better known as friendly flora these are necessary for digestion and keeping harmful bacteria and fungus from running rampant.

This flora is also needed to keep yeast in check. YEAST INFECTIONS are becoming very common. Many yeast control diets warns against "mass raised" meats.

There are countless evils linked with the very meats that we buy in our stores. Meat unlike other foods are not regulated in the truth in labeling act. So they don't even have to tell us all that is present in the flesh we buy.

If someone would slip into the store at night tampering with our meat supply, lacing them with these substance, he would be arrested and everyone would be in an uproar. I believe we should not be any less indignant with what is going on now.


The insecticides are used so profusely that they are actually absorbed into the fibers of the vegetables. For instance, celery is so laden with arsenic to protect it from worms that you can no longer soak it all off (this should not be confused with the organic arsenic that is in celery). You can even feel and see the coating on fruits (apples) and vegetables (cucumbers) that preservatives are applied to. The next time you buy an apple lightly scrape it with a knife, you will probably scrape off these wax preservatives and insecticides.) All vegetables and fruits should be soaked to remove the most concentrated amounts of these poisons. I use NSP Concentrate or sometimes yellow and green label liquid needle.

There are also preservatives as well as artificial colorings and flavorings in things like fruit juices.

An experiment was done in a maximum security prison.

They took half of the inmates and eliminated bleached white flour, sugar, artificial flavorings and colorings, and preservatives.

They recorded the effects this diet had on these vicious, aggressive, murderers. Surprisingly, these men became gentle, and very easy to handle.

Other studies have linked food additives with insanity, brain and liver damage. Allergies, asthma, PMS, cancer, and many many more health conditions. A good book to read on the possible effects of these additives is WHY IS YOUR CHILD HYPERACTIVE by Dr. Benjamin Feingold.

You may ask how they can get away with putting this in our foods. They can because the ingredients are written on the label (that is on foods that have labels). Most of us have no idea what these ingredients mean. The ingredients in ice cream is on the following page with the common names next to them. We trust that if it was not good for us it would not be sneaked into our foods. I feel sure that if the ingredients listed in our foods were written in their common names most people would fight to get things changed.

Some people are overwhelmed with all that is in their life that is not healthy for us. Many have resigned with taking whatever is served to us. The responsibility is ours. No manufacturer is going to make itself less competitive for our health's sake.

I have a friend who says I don't care what's in foods and said "You've got to die from something." Well dying is not the worst scenario. Living with these poisons in our system is . I know this article does not cover enough, but being aware of and limiting our consumption of these poisons is at least a start.

Ingredients of some COMMERCIAL ICE CREAM:

(a) Dietheyl Glycol: Used instead of eggs, it is an antifreeze and paint remover.

(b) Piperonal: Used in place of vanilla, it is a lice killer.

(c) Ethyl Acetate: Used in place of pineapple; it is a cleaner for leather and textiles.

(d) Butyraldehyde: Used instead of nuts, it is one of the ingredients of rubber cement.

(e) Amyl Acetate: Used for banana flavor; an oil paint solvent.

(f) Benzyl Acetate: Used for strawberry flavor; a solvent.

Do you know that you can make a delicious and healthful ice -milk by using any of the following ingredients: Milk, honey, fresh fruit, pure vanilla, and carob powder for chocolate flavoring?

After reading about the many chemical additives that are put into our foods, you can see why so many people are suffering with arthritis--as well as cancer and many other diseases. Over 3,000 additives are used in the manufacture of the food we eat. Some estimates of individual consumption are as high as five pounds per year! The department of Consumer Affairs receives many letters and calls from consumers who are concerned about these additives. Even experts cannot agree on the safety of or necessity of all these chemicals.

It is my solemn belief that all chemicals are unnatural and the less we consume the better.

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