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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Digestion is improved by properly combinding foods, so food combinding helps with health conditions such as acid, mucus, gasiness and arthritis.



Various foods are digested in different areas of the body in different ways. Starches begin to break down in the mouth when they mix with enzymes in the saliva.

As the food enters the stomach, proteins are broken down by HCL (hydrochloric acid).  If you drink before, during or after a meal you are diluting the HCL in your stomach which will inhibit or slow down digestion.

If fruits or salad are eaten at the beginning of a meal and then followed up with a protein, this also inhibits digestion and assimilation.

Protein should be eaten first so that the HCL can work on them immediately. You can then eat vegetables,  but do not eat any fruit. Fruits cause an alkaline substance to be excreted which inhibits protein and starch digestion.

As food leaves the stomach and goes into the duodenum (upperpart of the small intestine) it is acted upon by many different enzymes secreted by the pancreas, according to the type of food which the body is ingesting.  At this point bile is received from the liver through the gallbladder to aid in digestion.

Friendly bacteria are essential for breaking down food and for the good health of your intestines. However they are destroyed or replaced by unfriendly bacteria when we ingest drugs (including those prescribed by a doctor) and the preservatives found in our foods today. The lack of friendly bacteria can cause many health problems.

Because of this marvelous and intricate digestive process it is better to watch combinations of food at any one meal. High acid and low acid foods, for instance, should not be combined, nor should fruits and vegetables.

Protein foods can be combined with vegetables: starches can be combined with vegetables to produce a fair balance.

Melons should not be ingested with other foods, including fruits, for they require special enzymatic action which other foods inhibit. (see the chart on the following page.)

All this is really not as complicated as it sounds: it involves only some basic rules. The main thing to remember is that we must simplify. If we simplify the number of different foods served per meal and cut down on our food intake, the principle of food combination becomes easy.


Food Combo

Acid fruits go poorly with sweet fruits.

Avocado -Best with acid or sub-acid fruit or green vegetables.

Note that Cereals and Dried Beans and Peas are both proteins and starches.

Tomatoes best taken with non-starch vegetables and protein.

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