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Iatrogenic Disease. Iatrogenic is not really a disease literally means the patient died because of a medical screw up.


Iatrogenic disease sounds like a pretty nasty disease.  Now that I have studied this "disease" I believe it is the scariest of all diseases!

I came to know about Iatrogenic disease when about a year ago a woman called me concerned about something written on her husband's death certificate.  The cause of death was written as a cardiac arrest, contributory (or secondary) cause of death was "IATROGENIC DISEASE".

She was so concerned for her children's health, because her husband went in for tests and never left the hospital.  She was concerned that her children may inherit it.  She couldn't find out about getting them tested for the predisposition to this disease.  When she asked her doctor he sternly said not to worry about it, but would not elaborate on why she needn't worry.

After researching this "DISEASE" (If you want to research merely look in the dictionary)  I was shocked to find out the definition, which is:  "Iatrogenic - caused or aggravated by medical treatment."  In other words her husband died directly because the doctor screwed up!!!

While researching this I also found out that an Idiopathic disease is given as a diagnosis that means the the doctor doesn't have the foggiest idea what is wrong with the patient.

Samuel Thompson said it best when contemplating why the medical profession would develop its base lingo in Latin a language which was already a dead language, "except it were to confuse and deceive the common people"

Personally I think the name of these two "diseases" are extremely misleading.  It seems that these large and unusual names are the medical professions way of covering up their mistakes and shortcomings.  That's why I consider these two diseases as the scariest of all.

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