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Olestra, Olean some question its safety, this article explores it.

Olestra (Olean)

Don't assume since it is on the Market that it is harmless.

People want their cake and eat it too. I believe that it the main reason that olestra has made it onto the market.

Remember the advertisement that said It's not nice to fool mother nature"?  We now know that margarines can not be broken down properly and cause health problems.  What once was considered the healthy way out is inferior to butter.

I don't believe in piddlefarting around with nature.  When we do , we usually fail miserably.

In case you are unfamiliar with Olean or Olestra let me fill you in.  They are fake fats, made up of vegetable oils and sugar (6 to 8 fatty acids to each sugar molecule), which are so complex that the molecules pass through the digestive track undigested and unabsorbed.

Actually, so does most fiber.   However, oil soluble molecules may attach themselves to it.  In doing so they also will pass through the digestive track.

Vitamin A< D< E< F (fatty acids) and K are also oil soluble.  It is suspected that Olean/Olestra can attach to medicines, carotenoids and possibly hormones.

This fake fat has been studied for 9 years. On 24 January 1996 Proctor and Gamble (the ones who developed Olestra) did a clinical trial in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Sioux City, Iowa and Grand Island, Nebraska. It was a double blind type of study.  People were given chips as they watched a movie. They were recontacted between 2 and 10 days.  Although they reported that the taste was close to chips made of regular fat, may ate few in number.

There were several side effects from the fake fat.  They included: Gastro Intestinal problems such as: diarrhea, abdominal cramping and rectal leakage. (Sorry, putting it as delicately as I can).

There is going to be in informational label (actually a warning label) to advise buyers of the potential side effects.

There are many web sites on Olean.  Just as many against it as for it.

One of my favorite (if you take out the bad parts) is Olestra Haiku (Japanese poetry).

Here are a few of the better ones.

All is calm and bright

Olean-basted Christmas bird

Not so silent night.

Now sponsored by Olestra

The Super Bowel :o)

She eats toy snack chips

Meet the New Action Barbie

As I stare in his eyes

I feel the gentle butterflies

Is it love or Olestra

Fake fat pseudo food

The FDA can be bought

Buy Stock in Depends

Explosion at dawn

Pearl Harbor in my jockeys

It is not carmx that shining our lips

Its Olestra, a disaccharide

and will bypass your belly and hips

That won't make your butt wide

Birds eat Olestera

whole cities decimated

Film at eleven.

I know that some people are desperate to fit into a size 10, but I caution everyone about this product.

It is not natural.  It can bind (we know for sure) Vitamins, some drugs and other nutrients.  Most people are not eating a balanced diet in the first place.  This might be adding to the problem.

I also would never give a growing child anything that contains Olean.

I believe the FDA buckled under the pressure or who knows, but this is not the miracle product of the 90's.  If you use it, you  maybe playing with your health.

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