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Next to Sodium and Calcium, Potassium is a mineral most needed by the body.

Potassium aids in the function of the heart and all muscles (charlie horses and chronic chest pains are often a potassium deficiency).

Magnesium helps a muscle contract and potassium helps it relax. They need to be balanced. Not enough potassium and the muscles can cramp (like a charlie horse). Not enough magnesium and there can be muscle weakness or the heart can feel like it flutters or flip flops.

As you increase the level of potassium or magnesium, watch for signs of a deficiency in the other.

Potassium helps take fluid (and sodium) out of the cells. A lack of potassium can cause water retention or salt sensitivity. Ironically water pills are notorious for draining potassium out of the system.

Too much water in the cells and the circulatory system has to push harder to circulate. This can be a cause of blood pressure. Again Ironically blood pressure medicines often contain diuretics (water pills) which can drain out more of the potassium the body is lacking.

Good sources of potassium are: Combination Potassium (made of dulse, kelp etc.) and Parsley.

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