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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Poultices, Bolus, Ointments, Fomentations are often more effective than taking herbs internally, because the nutrition goes right to the sight of healing rather than have to satisfy the deficiencies of the whole body before the healing begins.

Poultices, Bolus, Ointments, and Fomentations

First lets define:

Poultice - Made of plants that are chopped, bruised, or grated and put on externally over a wound, injury or inflammation. Some people heat the poultice, while others add capsicum (cayenne pepper) while some apply moist heat.

Bolus - Basically a internal poultice (without the cayenne pepper)

Ointment - Herbs in an oil or bees wax base.

Fomentation - Compresses made by extracting the healing properties from plants by seeping in hot water.

Advantages of a topical applications are many.  For one thing you do not have to satisfy the nutritional needs of the whole body before an isolated part will heal.  For example, if you are calcium deficient and you hurt your back.  If you take a calcium supplement the body will share that calcium with the blood, maybe another bone etc and the back may only get a portion of the calcium.   While when done topically the body tends to use more of it on that particular part.

My daughter is 20 1/2 years old and has only been on antibiotics 2 times in her life, once for a strep throat that she couldn't kick and once when I panicked because she got scarlet fever. (I think she could have done without the antibiotic)

The only other time she took a prescription from a doctor was when she swelled up after being stung by a bee (2 times until we slowly built her immunity up with honey) and needed iron pills because I was giving her too much milk.

That all happened before she was 6, since then she went 3X to a doctor, once because she swallowed a penny and was X-rayed, 5 times to get warts burnt off (which came back until we used natural means)and once to get a physical for her drivers license.

My son also has only taken antibiotics 2 times (For an ear ache and scarlet fever) and (I am ashamed to say before I knew about herbs.)  Ritalin for a short time.   Until he moved in with his dad at age 16.  Emergencies  visit and stitches  I am not even going to try to guess.  See my son had an evil kanvil syndrome.

Using home remedies has truly kept my medical bill down and I believe my kids healthier.

What they are used for
How to make them
Aloe Vera Burns. Slice the leaf in half and tape or gauze the leaf directly on 1st to 2nd degree burns. When extracted the active phytonutrient dies and does not work near as well.
Caster oil Liver, adhesions, membranes and tubings. Get caster oil and soak a white unbleached cloth (preferable flannel) and but over the wanted area, tape wax paper over to seal in some of the oil.  Leave on over night.
Clay Tumors, infection, pain.   Make sure no parasites in clay.  Put on area or make fomentation and soak.  Detox body first.
Comfrey Tumors, external cancers, injuries, painful joints, sprains. Put in juicer and mix juice with pulp or put in blender.  Apply to skin and tape wax paper. Caution can cause sores and stains clothes.
Ginger Promotes sweating, boils. Add ground cooking ginger to the bath water.  Soak for 30 minutes.  I use 4 tablespoon full.  Those which sensitive skin can get burnt.
Lobelia Sleep and stress. For adults: (put perennial lobelia in a old knee high and put in bath water) soak for 30 minutes.
Meat tenderizer Stings. Immediately.  Wet sting and sprinkle liberally on sting.
Mullein Mumps, tonsils and sore throats. Either make fomentation or put leaves in blender and put right on skin and tape wax paper over.
Mustard Lung congestion muscle relaxation.  CAUTION: Can cause burning. Mix together 1 egg, 4 tablespoon flour, 1 tablespoon of ginger and 1 tablespoon dry mustard add water until paste.  First apply lard to skin, then apply the paste on cloth and apply to chest.  Leave on until skin is pink or for no longer than 15 minutes.  CAUTION: Can cause burning.
Onion /Garlic Ear infections, boils, lymph, congestion, fever. Grate onion, garlic or both apply to skin and tape wax paper over.
Plantain Bites and infections. Put in blender and apply directly to bite or infections.
Potato Detoxifies the liver. Put in blender and apply directly over liver.
Sage Breast inflammation. Make a fomentation and soak cloth and apply to breast.
Slippery Elm Inflammations of any kind in any place. Cut inner bark and put on inflammation or get the powdered, mix with water and apply.   Cover with wax paper.

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