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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Allergy Pulse test.

To Check for an Allergy....Pulse Test

Can also be used to see if you are allergic to herbs or can tolerate supplements.

For one week go on a clean diet or raw vegetables and fruits and organic meats. Drinking nothing but water..

First testing day.....

  • Sit down during the whole test.
  • Take your pulse.
  • Eat the supsected food or herb/supplement.
  • Wait 20 min and then retake the pulse.

If the pulse rate has gone up 10 beats or more you probably have a food allergy to it.

Repeat, adding one new food a day only.

It might be best to check for other symptoms as well.especially in children, like incontinence. i.e. wetting the bed, behavioral or mood changes etc.

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