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Raynaud's Syndrome

Raynaud's presents as numbness or/and discoloration (usually white or bluish) when extremities are cold or the person is under emotional stress; blushing to red with tinging, throbbing or swelling when warming back up or recovering from the lack of circulation.
Although it is most commonly affects the hands and feet it can also affect the: ears, lips, nose and even nipples.
It is estimated that 10% of the population have either primary (usually ages 15-25 yrs old onset) or secondary (after 35 yrs old onset) rarer, approximately 1% of the population). It tends to affect women 90% more often than men.
Increases risk of developing:

  • Medications for cancer, high blood pressure, colds, diets or migraines typically contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels
  • Autoimmune disease especially: arthritis (rheumatoid), lupus or scleroderma may also make you more susceptible.
  • People with carpal tunnel, or have used vibrating tools also are associated with worsening or even causation of symptoms
  • Often Raynaud's is merely uncomfortable but in extremes it can contribute to anything from sores which are hard to heal to the rare loss of toes or fingers.
  • What possibly onsets the condition? We know that to conserve heat, in the cold, the body causes blood vessels to narrow which restricts blood flow (vasomoto response). Under times of stress the muscles and blood vessels also constrict. But why this causes a problem for some but not in others is not known.
  • Plaque buildup of course will expiate the condition. The restricted arteries choke out the circulation to the tissue of the extremities allowing damage from a lack of blood and oxygen.

Possible Solutions

  • Check liver - The liver will pull circulation from the extremities to itself to heal. If you do not have liver symptoms (click here for liver symptoms, (if you have more than 2 symptoms, I suggest liver cleanse formula is aggressive amounts).
  • Capsicum can be VERY helpful, this yang herb helps force the circulation to the utmost ends of the capillaries. CAUTION: if you have a weak liver or liver disease taking capsicum can impede the liver's ability to heal itself.
  • Keeping the blood at a proper consistency helps aid in circulation. Vitamin C from Rosehips is preferred over Vitamin C from citrus or cord for those in the north during winter because it does not OVERLY thin the blood which makes it more difficult to survive the cold. Also keeping meat consumption to a minimum helps with undue thickening of the blood.
  • Keep the blood vessels supple and strong. The heart constricting is the 1st half of blood circulation. The contraction puts pressure against the arterial to capillary walls, which causes them to inflate. When the hear relaxes the blood vessels contract to continue the flow. The more elastic the body vessels, the better the flow. Vitamin C and E help keep the elastic integrity which aids in the function of the secondary function of the second contraction. Magnesium to bowel tolerance (not to exceed 3000 mg) is also a good idea.
  • Keeping the tubing clean of plaque is of course a good idea. Mega-chel, helps chelate the excess plaque off the wall of the arteries. (click on link to learn how to chelate arteries efficiently and safely).
  • Nutritionally supporting the heart is also a good idea. Gingko/Hawthorn helps tone the heart and open blood vessels. I also suggest onions and garlic in one's diet to promote healthy heart muscle.
  • NO smoking. Smoking restricts blood vessels and lessens the blood's ability to hold unto oxygen.
  • Exercise helps tone, heart, muscles and blood vessels, of course consult your healthy professional before starting any exercise program.

Until the body's circulation improves, keep warm by soaking our hands in WARM water when you feel an attack coming on; keep hands, feet, nose and ears, etc. dry and covered during cold weather. Use insulated cups when consuming cold drinks.
Help manage your stress which also tightens muscles and blood vessels. Punching and exercise can be helpful as well as nourishing the myelin.
Although Raynaud's is rarely dangerous, it is an indication of the decline in health and should be addressed at the root.