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SYSTEM: Glandular (Endocrine)


NUMBER: Two orangish glands

SHAPE: Triangular (See Adrenal Glands Title Page)

SIZE:  1.8 ounce 1/2 inch height X 3 inches in length

LOCATION: One adrenal gland lies on top of the kidneys on either side of the back midway up.

FUNCTION: Called the flight or fight gland. Helps the body cope with trauma, stress or threatening conditions.

Produces cortisone and adrenaline plus other hormones (including: testosterone, progesterone and estrogen)

Regulates and balances fluids, hormones, sugar levels, energy heart rate and minerals.

KINESIOLOGY:   2 to 3 inches above the naval on torso on either side of the spine on the flank of the back. (see page Adrenals-7*** coming soon)

IRIDOLOGY: In both eyes.  In right eye at 5:40 to 5:50 and in left eye at 6:10 to 6:20 above the kidneys and must be touching the autonomic nerve wreath. (See page Adrenal-5)

Large or pulsating pupil can indicate possible adrenal exhaustion.

REFLEXOLOGY: Right below pad of foot straight down from the second toe from the pinky (see page Adrenals-6*** coming soon)

BODY INDICATORS: Gaining weight around the stomach and butt area.

Darkening of skin where rubbed.... like waste band of pants or bra; where the skin rubs like inner thighs or underarms.

When the adrenals become really weak for a long time, you might notice thinning of pubic hair.

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: Less stressful lifestyle. Meditation.  Vitamins and minerals are essential.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH: Stress, stimulants such as coffee,  tea (black or orange pekoe), caffeine, sodas, sugar and some medications.



Anxiety, GAD Generalize Anxiety Disorder, Diabetes, hypoglycemia, sinus problems, weakened immune system, nervousness and Cushing's Disease.


Weak adrenal cortex, hypoglycemia- (low blood sugar), and diabetes. Typical night person-(wants to sleep in mornings, but can stay up late at night, usually has a mid afternoon lag in energy getting a second wind in the evening.)

Addison's Disease, retains sodium (salt), sometimes allergic to citrus and tomatoes which indicates a Pantothenic Acid (B-5 deficiency)

MAIN MINERALS: Potassium, Organic Sodium (not salt), GTF Chromium, Magnesium and Calcium

MAIN VITAMINS: A,C, B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) and B-complex  (Caution B complex can cause anxiety for those who are lacking fatty acids)  




High in Potassium and Sodium

Bee Pollen  

High in Potassium


Builds and nourishes adrenals

Juniper Berries

Stimulates adrenal glands

Licorice root Nourish and stimulates (caution not for those with diabetes or chronic high blood pressure)


My favorite source of potassium, fresh is preferred but capsules will suffice.

Adrenal Support Bovine hormones works for the adrenals
Mood Elevator My personal favorite nourishes and soothes adrenals as well as liver.
Nervous Fatigue Soothes the adrenals. My second choice
HY-C or HY-A Usually suggested for hypoglycemic's
Pro-Pancreas (formally P-14) Usually suggested for diabetics

Fatigue/Exhaustion Energy while you build adrenals

 L-Tyrosine  Relieves excess stress on adrenals    (amino acid)


Floaters can indicate low blood sugar.

It is best when working with one gland to nutritionally support all glands. Therefore, I suggest Mastergland to be used as a base for any other supplement to help prevent weakening or stressing other glands.

When working with the adrenals also take into consideration the pituitary gland.  Weak adrenals could be a possible prelude or postlude to a weakened pancreas or liver.  

Adrenals produce fight or flight hormones.  If you are experiencing anxiety, I suggest abstaining from coffee, tea, caffeine, heavy metal music, video games and scary/ high impact movies. Any of these can over stimulate the adrenals

To test adrenal function take blood pressure while lying down, wait 5 minutes, take blood pressure again while standing, blood pressure lower while standing strongly indicates hypoactivity of the adrenal glands.

Symptoms of Addison's Disease: under active adrenal function which symptoms include weakness, fatigue, digestive disturbances and discoloration of skin pigmentation where skin is rubbed such as bra, belt or top of arms and legs or in skin folds.

Symptoms of Cushing's Disease: Rapid obesity, osteoporosis, dryness of the skin, weight gain usually in neck, upper arms, upper legs and trunk of the body.        
Do you get charley horses A possible lack of potassium?
Are you a typical night person? A possible lack of B-5
Do you get energy dips during the afternoon? Very weak adrenals, I suggest Mood Elevator concentrate


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