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SYSTEM: Urinary



SHAPE: Hollow, distensible (expandable), balloon like and muscular (see Bladder Title Page)

SIZE: Depends on the amount of urine it contains (holds average of 16 oz.)

LOCATION: Lower abdominal cavity, and behind the pubic bone.

FUNCTION:  Stores and releases urine that it receives from two tiny tubes (ureters) that empty the kidneys.

KINESIOLOGY:  Center one inch above the pubic bone.  Test when bladder is empty. (See page Bladder-4 Coming Soon)

IRIDOLOGY: In both eyes.  Right eye at 7:10 and Left eye at 5:10 (see page Bladder-5)

REFLEXOLOGY: On the instep towards the heel 2/3 down from the foot's big toe (see page Bladder-6 Coming Soon )

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: To build up the strength of the bladder, Kegel exercises, especially after childbirth can be helpful.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH: Holding back for long periods of time the urge to urinate, this can stretch and weaken the tone. Fluoride and soda, coffee and tea.  Not enough water.

POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS/HEALTH CONDITIONS: Pregnancy or prolapsis of the transverse colon can cause pressure and even cause the bladder to drop.  Painful urination, cystitis, bladder infections, bladder stones, thickening of the bladder wall (reducing its ability to stretch).  Also check for parasites.

Bladder fistulas - Nature fuses an organ such as intestine or uterus to the bladder which then can empty through the bladder.

Cystocele - when the bladder drops and protrudes into the vaginal wall.


Bladder stones, bladder infections, yeast in bladder and cystitis - can cause frequent and painful bloody urination.

Pregnancy can cause frequent urination.


Bladder stones -can form from inadequate bladder emptying.

Bladder infections can cause the swollen inflamed bladder from emptying adequately.

MAIN MINERALS: Calcium, manganese and potassium


Corn silk Flushes out sediment
Hydrangea    Flushes and breaks up stones
Juniper berries Increase urine flow and flushes
Marshmallow root Soothes and rebuilds bladder lining
Parsley Natural diuretic
Uva Ursi  Cleanses and tones


Urinary Maintenance (formally URY) Infections, builds, tones and flushes
Kidney Activator (formally K) Cleanses and strengthens
Chinese Kidney Activator (formally K-C) Cleanse, tones, flushes and strengthens
KB-C concentrate Helps relieve cystitis


Bedwetting For leakage due to  lack of tone during the night but also for stressed or urgency incontinence
Candida For yeast infections
Inflammation Soothes swelling and inflammation

Cranberry juice

Helps acid balance to help control infection also contains an element that makes the wall  of the urinary system almost like Teflon so bacteria can not take hold.

Not as helpful for those with very acidic urine.

Lemon juice (fresh)

Helps flush urinary system (favorite  of most herbalist)  (no sugar)


Women should wipe front to back to prevent bacterial infections (especially e-coil)

Bladder can be removed and urethra empties through the sigmoid, but opens one up to major infections.

Fluoride can cause infections to cancer of the bladder.

Acidosis contributes if not causes cystitis, marshmallow root herb helps soothe an inflamed bladder.



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