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Esophagus, GERD, esophageal reflux, acid reflux problems discussed, Includes what weakens, what helps the health of the esophagus in layman's terms.


SYSTEM:  Digestive

CATEGORY: Organ (part of the alimentary canal {digestive track})


SHAPE:  Long tube made of a series of muscles and lined with mucosal lining (a mucous or lubricating lining). (See Title Page Esophagus)

SIZE:  Averages 10 inches long.

LOCATION:  Extends from the throat to the stomach

FUNCTION:  Basically it is the food tube which through peristalsis ( rhythmic series of muscle contractions which happens usually every 20 seconds)  and mucous lubrication transports liquids and foods from the mouth to the stomach.  The mucous lining also secretes digestive juices from its mucous glands as it is moved along the esophagus.  These glands also keep moist the mucous lining.

KINESIOLOGY:  Five fingers by the sternum (bone in the middle of the chest which connect the ribs)

IRIDOLOGY:  Both eyes.  Right eye at 3:00 to 3:10  Left eye at 8:50 to 9:00.  Any changes in the iris fibers at these locations should be addressed.  There does not have to be a lesion on the reflex for the esophagus to be in serious need of help. (see Page Esophagus 3)

REFLEXOLOGY:  A strip about half the width of the big toe down the center of the big toe and ending at the beginning of the arch. (see Page Esophagus 4)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Natural sodium, An adequate amount HCL (hydrochloric acid {stomach acid}) is needed to encourage mucous lining productions.  Chew food thoroughly.

DETRIMENTAL TO IT'S HEALTH:  Hot drinks, tannic acid that is found in coffee, tea and most sodas and cold drinks all destroy the mucous lining.

A pH imbalance will force the body to rob minerals from the mucousal lining to buffer the acids causing it to get thinner. When it is thin the cardiac sphincter muscle can not pinch off the opening into the stomach and can let acid shoot up the tube when the stomach churns (better known as acid reflux)..

Many medications.

Not chewing food properly or swallowing large amount at one time can stretch out the shape the muscles of the esophagus, which can develop into a diverticulum of the esophagus.

Rarely severe or repeated vomiting can cause a rupture of a weakened esophagus.


Esophageal diverticulum (pouching) see Esophagus Page 5

Esophagitis - inflammation of the esophagus

Esophageal varicose veins (usually caused by cirrhosis of the liver).

Ulceration in the esophagus

Esophageal tumor.

A narrowing of the esophagus which is usually caused by blood thinners such as cumatin.  Some doctors stretch the esophagus wall.  My mother got full swallowing ability back by taking minerals, slippery elm, cutting out all coffee and tea and working with her digestion.

Hiatus hernia which is a weakness in the diaphragm wall (muscle that lies between the lungs and other organs) which the esophagus penetrates.  This allows part of the stomach to protrude up through. (check digestion and ileocecal valve which can both cause pressure)

Acid reflux/GERD - when the thick circular muscle fibers of the esophagus at the mouth of the stomach does not fully close.  This allows contents of the stomach to be shot up the esophagus when the stomach contracts during food churning.


Achalasia (chronic spasms of the esophagus due to a stricture at the lower end of the esophagus)


Lack of peristalsis which can be a lack of stimulation from the medulla.

MAIN MINERALS:  Molybdenum (found in most lentils and is a part of the chromium group of minerals)  Deficiency of molybdenum can contribute to esophageal cancer.  Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron.

MAIN VITAMINS:  A, D, F and F (Fatty acids)             
Aloe Vera Nourishes mucous lining (good for radiation burns)
Mullein Feeds the medulla
Red Clover Blood purifier (cancer) spasms
Slippery Elm Mucilaginous (moistens and soothes), nourishes.  Mix powder and water in a jar with a lid (by shaking) then drink quickly.  Acts as an internal poultice.

Gall Bladder Formula (formally BLG-X) Helps cut down on gas.
Papaya Mints For aiding digestion and for heartburn.  (if you get heart burn from mints or papaya suspect gallstones)
Stomach Comfort For aiding digestion and for heartburn. Helps rebuild the Mucousal lining.

Distress Remedy For esophagus spasms
Indigestion Relief for indigestion and heartburn


Brown rice, buckwheat, millet, legumes They all contain Molybdenum


Peristalsis is a ring of rhythmic contraction of muscles that pushes substance to the awaiting relaxed muscles just ahead of it which in turn will contract etc. until substance swallowed reaches the stomach.

The epiglottis is a flap of tissue which covers the esophagus when breathing and covers the trachea (wind pipe) when swallowing.

The NEW ILLUSTRATED MEDICAL BOOK states that "Radiation treatment rarely results in a cure for cancer of the esophagus."

Often the radiation done for breast cancer chars the esophagus. I suggest you support this by drinking drinking fresh juiced aloe vera (must be drunk immediately after juicing).

Symptoms of a hiatal (hiatus) hernia -If when you breath your shoulders rise up instead of the stomach rising. Discomfort above the stomach, especially after eating too much or too fast.  A sensation of fullness or pressure when bending over.  Belching, heartburn or vomiting.  Can mimic a heart attack.  Some say pressure of a hail hernia can cause a heart attack.

If strong acid or alkaline chemicals are swallowed you should not induce vomiting without first calling your local poison control center. (To find off the web just click --->POISON CONTROL ONLINE) first for neutralizing techniques or even more damage can be done.

A yes answer indicates
Do you have difficulty in swallowing or does things sometimes feel like they get stuck? Thin mucous lining, or weak medulla, narrowing in the esophagus
Do you get heartburn often? Thin mucousal lining, deterioration of the stomach closing

ADDITIONAL READING:  None of which I am aware.

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