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Gallbladder, gall stones. The cause of Gallbladder problems, prevention of gallstones as well as diet, herbal suggestions in easy to understand terms.


SYSTEM: Digestive



SHAPE: Pear or cloud shaped

SIZE: Up to the capacity of 2 oz.

LOCATION: Attached to the underside of the liver.  Upper right abdomen just under the ribs. (see Title Page Gallbladder)

FUNCTION:  Stores and concentrates bile from the liver (bile digests fats) and excretes it into the small intestine.

KINESIOLOGY: On the right side at the lowest rib place fingertip and press, If extended left arm goes down when testing gallbladder it could indicate gallstones (see page Gallbladder-4)

IRIDOLOGY: Right eye only.  Lesions must touch autonomic nerve wreath at 7:45 (see page Gallbladder-5) also yellow in eye could indicate uric acid (which can cause stones)  Also white in eye could indicate acid which can contribute to gallstones.

REFLEXOLOGY:  Located 2 to 3 inches below pinky toe right next to liver area on right foot. (See page Gallbladder-6)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Limit meat, fats, and greasy foods. Keeping system clean of uric acid. Proper digestion of an organic calcium essential.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  Skipping breakfast-(stored bile  is not encouraged to empty).

A Vitamin D or Magnesium deficiency can cause stones or infection, as can inorganic calcium from milk or artificial calcium supplements.

POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS/HEALTH CONDITIONS: Yellow discoloration of skin (not always and could also indicate liver), severe abdominal pain, vomiting, constant nausea, sensitivity to greasy foods, cabbage or cauliflower, also sharp pains between shoulder blades.


Stones fill up gallbladder which capacity fills with less bile which causes it to release too quickly and can cause upset or sour stomach in the morning or between meals.


Poor digestion, diarrhea, gassiness, colitis, irritable bowel (the same symptoms of a removed gallbladder)

MAIN MINERALS: Magnesium, Iodine and Sulfur


Safflowers Stimulates gallbladder and helps lower uric acid
Devils claw Draws uric acid from system
Hydrangea Helps prevent gravel from forming
Cascara Sagrada Helps discharge stones.  Encourages intestine to empty
Marshmallow (megadose)  For mildly inflamed gallbladder

Gall Bladder Formula (formally BLG-X) Herb combo for Bowel, liver and gallbladder
BP-C For stressed liver
LBS II Helps Tone and improve bowel elimination
Chinese Liver Balance (formally LIV-C) For weakened liver

Eczema Since the liver is so closely related to gallbladder, detoxification of both should be considered.  Toxicity of the liver is believed by many to be the origin of eczema and psoriasis.

Lemon (fresh juice) Helps shrink stones
L-Asparagine Deficiency can cause gallbladder dysfunction and milk allergies
L-Taurine < Helps discourage gall stones
Sodium Deficiency is number one cause of cholesterol stones
Lecithin Helps melt gall stones
PDA Helps digest fats
Food enzymes Helps digest fats

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:  There are at least 3 kinds of gall stones, they are made up of either calcium, uric acid or cholesterol or a combo of them.

If the gallbladder is in  an extremely weakened state, build its health before doing a flush. Never do a flush during an attack because the opening may be swollen shut and it can actually cause more pain and damage.

Gall stones can be overlooked in upper GI x-rays.

When sharp pain persists contact a doctor immediately; a stone could be lodged in  the duct or the gallbladder could be infected or gangrenous. Ignoring severe pain could  contribute to liver damage.

If an operation is imminent, consider telling the doctor that you want to try to save the gallbladder.  Many countries just remove the stones and close back up the gallbladder.  You can live without a gallbladder, but your digestion and bowels will never be the same.

It is true the stones can come back if you do not change your pH, health or diet.

If pain persists after operation see you doctor immediately because bile from the liver can still form stones in the bile ducts or in the stump of the cystic duct.

Gall stones can vary in color and size.  Some have reported passing stones (with help of the flush) up to the size of a nickel.  The color ranges from off white to dark green, the darker the color could indicate the age of the stone.

Yellowing of the white of the eyes can indicate liver or gallbladder disease.

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