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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Heart, Layman's anatomy of the heart, it's function, nutrition, care. Including diet, lifestyle changes, herbs, natural supplements good for the Heart, Angina, Angio Plasty Prevention,


SYSTEM: Circulatory

CATEGORY:  Muscular organ


SHAPE:  Hollow globular

SIZE:  About the size of your fist (see Title Page Heart)

LOCATION:  In the center of the chest, between the lungs and tips towards the left.

FUNCTION:Supplies the force to circulate blood throughout the body.  The blood transports oxygen and nutrient to the cells of the body and carries waste and other substances from the cells.  It pumps an average of 6000 quarts of blood daily.

KINESIOLOGY:  Slightly left of the center of the chest, between the lungs.  Can test for aorta, all four chambers and valves.  (See page Heart 8)

IRIDOLOGY:  Sometimes shows up as a diamond shaped lesion but doesn't have to be diamond shaped.  Venous congestion and poor circulation may also be an indication of a weakened heart.   (See page Heart 9)

REFLEXOLOGY:  Left foot only just before the ball of the foot down from the toe next to the pinky.  (see page Heart 10)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Exercise, proper diet and releasing stress.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  Salt hardens the arterial wall.

Liver function which can contribute to Cholesterol build up and triglycerides (which can cause the blood to clot inside of the body)

Cholesterol imbalances or excesses corrode the inside of the arterial wall restricting blood flow.  

High Blood Pressure in time can weaken and enlarge the heart and weaken the arterial wall.  

Tobacco causes the small and large blood vessels to constrict which adds stress to the heart.  

Not enough oxygen from the lungs deprives all tissue including the heart.  

Being overweight puts more demands on the heart.  

The strep germ left gone too long in the body can cause Rheumatic fever and severely weaken and enlarge the heart.

POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS/HEALTH CONDITIONS:  Chest pains and/or radiating pains to the arms especially the left. Difficulty in breathing.  Swollen extremities, blue lips, fingernails and skin.  Easy fatigue, fluid buildup in abdomen, distention of veins of the neck.  Retaining water in the legs from the knee down.  Extremities falling to sleep or feeling numb.

Enlarged Heart-  Can be good or bad.  The good enlarging of the heart is done through proper exercise.  Enlarging of the heart can also be from improper exercise, diet, Rheumatic Fever or prolonged heart and circulatory disease.

Rheumatic Fever-  A very involved inflammation stemming from the strep germ which involves the heart and joints. Children and young adults are particularly vulnerable.

Arteriosclerosis-  Hardening of the arteries.

Atherosclerosis-  Cholesterol or Calcium build up in arteries.

Endocarditis-  either bacterial or viral attack of the inner lining of the heart.

Congenital Septal defect-  Born with a hole in the heart.  The fetus has no need for the blood to go to the lung for oxygen therefore, there is a passage between the chambers of the heart.  When a child is born that passage should close and plug up with tissue, if it doesn't close they are those who are "have a hole in their heart"

Congestive heart failure-  Heart weakened.

Dropsy-  Retaining water in body cavities or tissues.

Mitral Valve Prolapse-  Valve in the heart doesn't close properly letting blood backwash.

For more heart conditions see terminology (page Heart-5&6)


Stress, hyperthyroidism, caffeine, adrenals


Medulla oblongata, enlarging of the heart, mineral imbalance

MAIN MINERALS:  Calcium, Magnesium - needed for constriction of the heart muscle and Potassium - needed for relaxing the muscle.  Natural sodium, manganese and iron.

MAIN VITAMINS:  Vitamin E with Selenium (I personally take 1200 IU).  vitamin A, B complex, B-1, C and D.


Gingko Strengthens heart
Garlic Dissolves Cholesterol and opens blood vessels
Ephedra Slower and Stronger beat Caution this herb can raise blood pressure Dangerous with caffeine or if pregnant.
Blessed Thistle Strengthens the heart
Gotu Kola Strengthens the heart and helps lower blood pressure
Rosemary Heart Tonic
Capsicum Blood pressure and health of blood vessels
 Mistletoe Constricts blood vessels and stimulates heart beat
Myrrh extract Quickens the hearts action
Hawthorn Berries Strengthens the heart muscles, used for rapid and feeble heart, also used for valve defects
Kelp Helps clean arteries
Cornsilk Natural diuretic


Herbal combination HISTORICALLY USED FOR :
Gingko/Hawthorn Builds and nourishes heart
Gingko/Gotu Kola Builds and helps circulation
Varigone Helps rebuild the valves in the heart


None I have experience with 

Mega-chel Fantastic combo (oral chelation)(Bypass alternative)
CoQ10 Regulates heart beat and keeps oxygen in cells longer
Omega 3 oil Helps lower cholesterol


The amino acid L-Cartine helps heart and valve health.

Excess in salt, alcohol or eating weakens the system including the heart.

Eating then going to sleep is very hard on the heart.

There are many health professionals who counsel people to take an aspirin a day.  short term use of aspirin helps thin the blood and is a mild anticoagulant (anti-clotting agent) but studies are beginning to show that long term use causes a homeostasis (body's rebalancing mechanism) effect where the body will actually overcompensate and the blood will actually start to thicken.

A great pulse rate is 60 to 70 beats per minute.

The minerals Magnesium/Calcium and Potassium are what causes the heart to contract and relax. These minerals have to be in balance for the heart to beat effectively.   If you get charley horses you may want to increase potassium intake, a fluttering heart or craving chocolate may be Magnesium.  Irregular heart beat  - calcium.  Caution:  If these minerals are isolated they can be dangerous if you mega dose.

Heart attacks and disease are the leading causes of death in America.

The ideal blood pressure should be 120/80.

Red flush on face could indicate high blood pressure.

Body signs are bluish legs, lips and nail beds.  Creases on the ear lobe.

ADDITIONAL READING: Bypassing bypass by Elmer M. Cranton, MD and Arline Brecher

Super Nutrition for Healthy Hearts by Richard Passwater, Ph.D.

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