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Colon, Large Intestine, Understanding the health of the Large Intestine explained easy terms, Topics explored, IBS, Diverticulitis, Ileitis, Dysentery, Spastic colitis, Crohn's, Celiacs, Irritable bowel, and Constipation.

Large Intestine

SYSTEM: Digestion (Exocrine)



SHAPE: Long hose like with elbow  (hepatic flexure) then the transverse colon another elbow (splenic flexure) and then straight down. (see Large Intestine Title Page)

SIZE: An average of 5 feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

LOCATION: Begins on the lower right side of the abdominal cavity and travels upward on the right side then crosses to the left and descends into the pelvic area.  At the end it opens to the outside of the body as the rectum

FUNCTION: (food in the small or first intestine basically is in a liquid state)  In the large intestine, the liquid is absorbed and the remaining fecal matter is then eliminated.

KINESIOLOGY: Slightly front and inner of the pelvic bone using 5 fingers. (See page Large Intestine - 7)

IRIDOLOGY:  Both eyes in the second zone on the top and toward the outside (on the side of the ears) (See page Large Intestine - 5).  The autonomic nerve wreath follows the actual contour of the bowel. (see page Large Intestine - 8)  Lesions inside the autonomic nerve wreath could indicate Diverticula (see page Large Intestine-6)  If whole inside of autonomic nerve wreath seems sunken in, it could indicate yeast.

REFLEXOLOGY: Right foot starting in middle going up and ending at the top of instep.  Left foot middle instep over to side of foot and down. (See page Large Intestine - 9)  Always go in the direction that the fecal matter moves.

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: Non soluble fiber is essential for its health and function.  Adequate amount of magnesium, water and exercise are very important.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  The use of laxatives and enemas will in time make the colon lazy and weak.

Meat and white flour products.

Sluggish bowel movements can cause ulceration's or cancer as can a lack of bulk.  Antibiotics can kill off the friendly flora (acidophilus and lacto bacillus)


Diverticula (see page Large Intestine - 6)


Ileitis - inflammation of the lower third portion of the small intestine.

Dysentery - irritation and inflammation of the intestine. (usually due to bacteria or parasites)

Spastic colitis - inflammation of the colon (usually due to acid)

Irritable bowel - inflammation of bowel (usually due to acid or toxicity)

Gastroenteritis - Inflammation of the small intestine (often due to poor bowel evacuation)

Diarrhea - Watery stoles (see additional comments for proper bowel function and texture).  May be body's way of cleansing the intestinal track of bacteria, virus, yeast or toxins.  Check for lactose intolerance.


Autointoxication - Toxic substances produced within the body that is not eliminated properly.  (can be the origin of sore muscles, headaches and arthritis)

Constipation - Not having 3 or more complete bowel movements a day. (Can be caused by poor dietary habits especially not enough fiber and too much red meat and white flour products) (can also be caused by a magnesium deficiency, poor digestion, not enough water, or a sluggish liver)

MAIN MINERALS: Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium for mucous lining the intestine.

MAIN VITAMINS:  Thiamin (B-10, Niacin (B-3), Pantothenic Acid (B-5), Inositol, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Cascara Sagrada Bowel irritant, natural laxative, heals villi.  It tones the bowel not weakens it
Psyllium   Adds bulk and cleanses bowel

Aloe Vera  Soothes, moistens, and builds mucous membrane.

Liquid Chlorophyll Cleanses, deodorizes and builds as well as draws out some toxic metals.
Slippery Elm Builds and Soothes bowel (my first choice)
Suma Heavy duty laxative

LBS II Lower Bowel - helps move the feces along.
Nature's Three Three Natural sources of bulk.
Tao-He Chinese cleanse-great for a jump-start into an herbal regimen.
Para-Cleanse Chinese parasite cleanse.
Clean Start Convenient over all cleanse
Intestinal Soothe & Build (formally UC3J) To help nourish the bowel if you have Ulcers, Crohn's, Irritable bowel, Colitis, or Celiac (actually good for anyone)
Bowel Build Personally think is a waste of money

Constipation/TD> To enhance bowel function
Diarrhea For chronic diarrhea
Hemorrhoids For temporary relief<
Parasites To encourage parasite evacuation

Fiber For bowel health, evacuation and cleansing
Flora Force to reintroduce needed acidophilus and lacto bacillus (friendly flora)
Hydrated Bentonite Clay An excellent way in which to clean the bowel of old fecal matter. CAUTION: Shouldn't be used if bowel movements are sluggish or without supervision


Everyone should have at least 3 complete bowel movements every day.  {Doctors have told me that they do not have 3 BM a day, which goes to prove that they are ignorant on its importance and are full of it :) }

Feces should have the consistency of mashed potatoes and should have no objectionable odor.

Floating feces indicates an ample amount of bulk.

Sitting for long periods of time on the toilet can be stressful for the sigmoid (last part of the colon).

Although it is a common practice, I feel that enemas are unnatural and unwise as a regular practice and should only be considered as a last resort or during a health crisis.


Ballooning - The colon is made of elastic material, but when it has been over stretched for a long period of time it loses some of its tone.

Friendly Flora - Live bacteria essential to a healthy colon, also needed for in body manufacturing of B vitamins and yeast control.

Hemorrhoids/piles - A varicose vein at the anus (some use vitamin E and white oak bark)

Polyps - A growth that is usually non cancerous (some use Bayberry).

Prolapse - When the transverse colon sags (see page Large Intestine - 5).

Spastic Bowel- Sudden abnormal involuntary muscular contractions of the colon. (check nervous system)

Stricture - when part of the colon is constricted. (slowly introduce bulk and water)

Yes answer Indicates
Do you have less than 3 Bowel Movements a day? Add raw vegetables and fruits to diet (at least)
Do you have less than 1 bowel movement a day?< You should consider LBS II (at least)
Do you have less than 1 bowel movement in more than 2 days? You should consider Cascara Sagrada (at least)


Tissue Cleansing through BOWEL MANAGEMENT by Dr. Bernard Jensen


COLON HEALTH by Norman W. Walker

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