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Liver health in Layman's anatomy terms, Liver, hepatitis, Liver troubles, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, heavy periods, insomnia are all symptoms of a weak liver.


SYSTEM: Digestive (exocrine) and Glandular (endocrine)

CATEGORY: Organ/Gland


SHAPE: Triangular (see Liver Title Page)

SIZE: The average weight is 3 1/2 pounds

LOCATION: Upper right abdominal cavity beneath the diaphragm and ribs (see Liver Title Page)

FUNCTION: It is impossible to list all of the liver's functions.  All functions are not yet known.  There are at least 561 known functions.  The most common is that aids in bile productions which is used in digestion.  Other main functions of the liver is filtering blood and hormones, guiding exist of detoxification and hormone regulation.

KINESIOLOGY: 5 fingers are placed between 7th and 8th ribs (last ribs) on right side.  (See page Liver-9)

IRIDOLOGY: In the right eye only 7:40 - 7:50 not touching the autonomic nerve wreath (see page Liver-10) also brown Peoria (splotches) any where in the eye.  Also if a true blue eye is brown. Although the chart shows that it is in

REFLEXOLOGY: Right foot: Almost halfway down the foot from the pinkly toe. (See page Liver-11)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: Avoiding chemical absorption, Eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise and massage therapy. Clay packs. Low fat diet.

DETRIMENTAL TO IT'S HEALTH: Fats, drugs and chemicals


Loss of energy and appetite, feels nauseated and develops slight fever tenderness and pain in upper right portion of abdomen may indicate infectious hepatitis.

Poor night vision, cloy or heavy periods, enlarged prostate, cancer of cervix, uterus, ovaries, breast or bones and poor sleeping patterns can all indicate liver involvement.


High cholesterol - a stressed liver will over produce cholesterol. (See flush)


Poor digestion (assignees, bloating) and strain on pancreas (diabetes or hypoglycemia).  Female problems.

MAIN MINERALS: Iron, Potassium, Chlorine, Iodine, Magnesium, Sodium and Copper.

Cascara Sagrada Encourages increased secretion of bile
Dandelion Nourishes and a blood purifier
Fennel Contains potassium, sulfur and sodium (sodium soothes liver)
Mullein Internal inflammation
Safflowers For sluggish liver
Saw Palmetto For bacteria in liver
White Oak Bark Helps prevent infection. Normalizes liver function.
Yellowdock Used to support liver during hepatitis

Chinese Mood Elevator (formally AD-C) Cirrhosis, strengthens
Gall Bladder Formula (formally BLG-X) Bloating, liver, gas. Stimulates function
BP-C Blood Purifier. Builds and detoxifies
BP-X Blood Purifier. Used for Psoriasis
Liver Cleanse (formally LIV-A) Cleanses, restores liver function, if having hormone induced problems.
Chinese Liver Balance (formally LIV-C) Liver stress and inflammation
LIV-J Tonic Caution: If kidneys are weak or ovaries/uterus is inflamed
Milk Thistle Combination (formally LIV-Guard) Detoxifies and builds

Detoxification To help relieve minor symptoms of detoxification

Lecithin Helps prevent fatty build up in the liver
Caster oil packs To help nourish and soothe the liver
UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun Helps clean out the bulirubin
Cholesterol foods 80% of your cholesterol needs should come from the diet.  Restricting cholesterol totally out of the diet will put the burden of production on the liver, which may then overcompensate, causing high cholesterol. 


A weakened liver is often unable to convert beta-carotene into vitamin A.

A stressed liver will over produce cholesterol.

The liver has at least 561 functions.  Cholesterol medicine is designed to slow down the function of the liver so it will produce less cholesterol, but it ends up slowing down all its functions.

Dark circles under the eyes or yellowish eyes or skin can indicate liver problems.

The body is an intricate and interdependent machine.  When one part of the body is weak or toxic, it can effect every other part of the body.

Allopaths (orthodox medicine)  Looks at the symptom, when in fact often it is a healthy part of the body complaining that it is not being taken care of by a weak part that is not supporting it.  The link before.

So it is with hormone problems.  For instance  Estrogen is produced in the ovaries.  It is used by the body for many functions such as:  Taking calcium into the bones, stimulating periods, egg maturation and release, breast health etc.

When the body has used the estrogen for this, the estrogen goes back into the blood stream to the liver to be filtered out and discarded.  However, a weak or toxic liver is not always able to.  So the mutated estrogen goes back to where it is to do it's job, but it can't do it properly, so it causes problems in the bones, breast, uterus and ovaries.

So although the part of the body that has the symptoms, it usually originates in the liver.

Therefore determining if the liver is weak or toxic helps.  

Symptoms of a weak liver are:  Gassiness especially farting. Hypoglycemia, Periodic discomfort in the right side.  Poor night vision.------- For a weak liver I suggest caster oil packs (over the liver)  Get caster oil and soak a white unbleached cloth (preferable flannel) and put over the bottom of the right rib cage, tape wax paper (don't use plastic wrap or heating pad) over to seal in some of the oil.  Leave on over night.  I would also take a combo called Milk Thistle combo or better yet. LIV-J

Symptoms of a toxic liver are:  Heavy or clotty periods, tender  or cystic breast, cystic ovaries and waking up during the night then going back to sleep on a regular basis (more than 2 times a week) -------- I suggest a flush -and take Liver Cleanse (formally LIV-A) (in my opinion the very best liver combo in the world)  You start out with the amount listed on the bottle of LIV-A and increase until you sleep the whole night through.  If the number is more than 30 a day (which is rare) contact me.

Often before there are symptoms the liver is both toxic and weak. Some people also add Vitamin E with Selenium (rubbing it in the skin).

Vitamins A, D and E are fat soluble and should be taken with a protein.

Sodium is very soothing to the liver.

A liver flush is advisable for some.

Getting your gallbladder out puts more stress on the liver.

Yes answer indicates
Do you have poor night vision? Need for caster oil packs (liver to weak to produce vitamin A)
Do you have sore breast or heavy or clotty periods? Liver is toxic or weak and can not regulate hormones
Do you wake up during the night (on a regular basis) about 2 to 4 in the morning and then go back to sleep? Liver is trying to detoxify
If you are a diabetic, is your sugar high in the morning? Liver is not able to hold on to sugar but releases Indiscriminately
Do you have a fat allergy? Possibly lacking natural sulfur (onions, garlic)
Do you macular degeneration? Possibly lacking selenium


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