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Thymus gland. Layman's description of the function, health of the thymus.


SYSTEM:  Lymphatic (Exocrine)


NUMBER:  Two lobes

SHAPE:  Butterfly shaped (see thymus title page) soft pinkish-grey

SIZE: The size decreases with age. The medium size is approx. 1 oz.

LOCATION:  A child's thymus is up higher and as they mature it settles approx. 1 1/2 inches below where the clavicle bones meet (at the base of the neck) and end in the center of the chest between the lungs.

FUNCTION: Maturing. Changes negative vibration of chemical. Produces thymosin (which stimulates the maturing of lymphocytes into T-Cells), Produces Thymopeitin.

KINESIOLOGY:  To test the function of the gland..In the center of the chest 11 1/2 inches below the base of the neck. Also check polarity (the one being tested should put their hand on their belly button, while you test their arm. Then put your hand over their hand which is covering the belly button and test again. The first way should be stronger) (Alternate... put hand palm down on the top of their head. Then put your hand palm up on the etop of their head. The first test should be stronger.) For health oh the gland test on the gland itself (see page Thymus)-6

IRIDOLOGY:  Left eye at 3:10 to 3:25 touching the autonomic nerve wreath. However since the gland is located on both sides of the body, it seems that it should be registered in both eyes.(see page thymus -7).

REFLEXOLOGY:  Both feet right above the arch (where bunions sometimes develop) (see page thymus-8)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  A positive outlook.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:   Life without love, too much restraint and negative thinking. The AIDS Virus progression is measured by T-Cell count.




Tumor or enlargement-symptoms-person appears younger, with scanty body hair, bluish tint to teeth, low blood pressure and a childlike self-centered attitude and being simple minded.


Pre or early puberty with possible symptoms of being short in stature developing, thick body hair at a young age. They may also suffer from high blood pressure, and are oftentimes easily to anger or are resentful.

They measure the progression of AIDS by the T-Cell number.

MAIN MINERALS:   Potassium, Sodium, Selenium and Zinc

MAIN VITAMINS:  Niacin B-3, B-6, A, C and E

Alfalfa High in Minerals
Spirulina Probably best supplement for thymus.
Kelp Contains both Sodium and Potassium
Echinacea Stimulates the immune system
Licorice Retains sodium

THIM-J Formulated for they thymus
Grapine Thymus is very vulnerable to free radical damage.


None is which I am aware.

Bee Propolis Stimulates and normalizes Thymus
L-Arginine Must be balanced with L-Lysine
L-Phenylanlanine Supports Thymus
L-Tyrosine Supports Thymus


Prior to 1976 the medical society assumed that since the thymus shrunk during puberty that it was no longer useful. The thymus is now known to be a key factor in the immune system.

They often remove the thymus gland when doing transplant of organs to inhibit the possibility of the body producing antibodies which could cause a rejection.

The thymus seems to be linked to certain kind of allergies.

A hormone is a substance produced by a gland which effects the metabolic activity (The body's conversion of food into usable components and energy) of another cell, tissue, gland or organ.

Polarity is effected by the thymus. To test using kinesiology you can test palm on head (should be strong) and back of hand on head (should be weak) or have the person put their hand over belly button(should be strong) then place your hand over their hand (should test weak).

How a person reacts to chemicals is determined by the Thymus gland. For instance Ritalin or Caffeine are stimulants but with someone with a weak thymus gland it acts as a sedative and visa versa.

Yes answer indicates
Do you have the opposite reaction to things such as Valerian making your jumpy? Weak Thymus is causing cross polarity

ADDITIONAL READING: None of which I am aware.

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