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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Thyroid, goiter, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hoshimoto's disease, explained in easy Layman's terms. Herbs, supplements, diet suggested in helping to nourish and improve the health of the thyroid.


SYSTEM:  Glandular


NUMBER:  One thyroid but two lobes (see Thyroid title page)

SHAPE:  Butterfly shaped (see Thyroid title page)

SIZE:  2 inches X 1 inch (each lobe)

LOCATION:  At the base of the front part of the neck (see Thyroid title page)

FUNCTION:  Regulates metabolism, produces:

  • Thyroglobulin a protein (not a hormone) which helps store and transport thyroid hormones.  
  • T-2 - Calcitonin - helps regulate blood phosphate and calcium ion levels
  • T-3 - Triiodothyronine - regulates energy by balancing carbohydrate and protein synthesis.  They also activate growth and the nervous system.  The pituitary stimulates the thyroid to produce these hormones.
  • T-4 - Thyroxine - regulates energy by balancing carbohydrate and protein synthesis.  They also activate growth and the nervous system.  The pituitary stimulates the thyroid to produce these hormones.

KINESIOLOGY:  Either side of the Adam's apple.  Touch and tap both points together and then individually (see page Thyroid-6

IRIDOLOGY:  Both eyes towards the bridge of the nose. Right eye at 2:20 to 2:40 and in the left eye at 9:20 to 9:40.  The lesion or weakened fiber must touch the autonomic nerve wreath. (see page thyroid -7).  There need not be a lesion to indicate a problem.  Any disruption in the fiber, no matter how slight, could indicate a chronic weakness.

REFLEXOLOGY:  Both feet down from the big toe in the ball of the foot. (see page thyroid-8)

HELPS TO IMPROVE FUNCTION:  Adequate iodine ingestion essential.  Healthy nervous system.

DETRIMENTAL TO ITS HEALTH:  The chemical fluoride and the chemical chlorine (not to be mistaken with the minerals fluorine and chlorine which actually are good for the Thyroid)  blocks iodine receptors.  Radiation treatments anywhere in the body sometimes settles in the thyroid (kelp helps draw it out)


Goiter -  Enlargement of the thyroid gland caused by an iodine deficiency.


Hyperthyroidism - symptoms:  weight-loss, nervousness, heart palpitations which can eventually lead to serious heart damage, irritability and later bulging of the eyes.


Myxedema- develops after growth and development.  Characterized by Edema (swelling), drooping, swollen eyes, low levels of T3 and T4 hormones, Mental retardation, weight gain and sluggishness.

Colloid goiter - caused by a lack of Iodine.

Hypothyroidism - under functioning thyroid which leads to weight gain, lack of energy, thinning of hair, drying of skin and slowed mentality.


Hashimoto's Disease - The body becomes allergic to the thyroid hormone and the body's immune system starts to attack the thyroid.

Thyroiditis - inflammation of the thyroid caused by a virus, bacteria or an autoimmune reaction.

MAIN MINERALS:  Iodine, Chlorine, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium.

MAIN VITAMINS:  A, B-6, B-12, C, D, and E

Black Walnut For parasites and a high source of Iodine
Kelp High in iodine
Horseradish High in Vitamin C, A and B-complex
Parsley Builds
Bayberry Supports during hypothyroidism
Goldenseal Supports during hypothyroidism

Thyroid Activator (formally KC-X) Overactivity or underactivity
Target TS II Underactivity
TS II with Hops Overactivity

Calor Supports the body in maintaining and utilizing energy output.
Vigor/Vitality Helps with energy

Homeopathics are a quick working solution, however, I would still nutritionally support the thyroid when working with the homeopathics for better results.

Liquid dulse (I don't carry this) High and easily assimilated Iodine


Increasing too quickly or taking too much iodine will give you a headache.

Check and support the pituitary gland.  When working with the glandular system it is advisable to support all other glands.  I suggest using Mastergland as a base and then add the thyroid herb or combination.

Body signs - Lines horizontal on front of neck.  Less than 10 moons on fingernails.

Iodine test - get liquid iodine from the drug store.  At night paint the entire bottom of foot.  Let dry and go to bed.  If in the morning the body has absorbed the iodine you are deficient in iodine. CAUTION:  This is an inorganic source of Iodine and can be poisonous if done often.  It is not a good source of Iodine.  DO NOT USE THIS SOURCE AS A SUPPLEMENT!

I prefer the basal test ( see page thyroid -5&6)

Cruciferous vegetables such as:  Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage slow down the function of the thyroid.  Dr. Scala's supplements and protectors are based on cruciferous vegetables check for sensitivity.

If a pregnant woman has an underactive thyroid her child could be born with Cretinism (a form of mental retardation).  The baby could also have a dwarfed body.

Women who lose babies because of a lack of or a misplaced chromosome in the baby should suspect that their thyroid function was such that their body temperature was not high enough to incubate the baby properly.

QUESTIONS TO ASK : Yes answer indicates
Have you noticed changes in your hair, skin, energy level or weight fluctuation Hypoactive
Are you experiencing nervousness and does your eye or eyes seem to be bulging Hyperactive

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