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Defined as prolonged or frequent inability to obtain adequate restful sleep during normal desired sleeping hours despite the available opportunity to sleep.

Either because you can't fall to sleep, can't get into a restful level of sleep or because you can't stay asleep.

There are several causes of Insomnia which can basically be categorized under the heading of "Can't get to sleep" and "Can't stay asleep".


  • Can't get to sleep is usually caused by
  1. Stress/Nervous system
  2. Adrenals
  3. Pineal Gland - lacking melatonin
  • Can't keep asleep is usually caused by
  1. Liver detoxing
  2. Due to pain
  3. Idiopathic - Which means the Doctor has no idea why you are waking up.
  4. Prostate

Lets take them one at a time and try to find the root of your insomnia.

Stress/Nervous system - Symptoms

If you have a hard time shutting your mind off when you lay down, or obsess about something you should have done or saying your prayers then I would supsect your nervous system is involved. Even if you do not feel like a nervous person.

The acid test of whether your nervous system is involved is if you dream... Not nightmares, but dream nightly. If your nervous system has enough nutrients to replenish and heal itself, you will get into the 4th level of sleep called REM, where you also dream and heal efficiently.

Herbal Sleep added to a foundation of Fatty acids such as flaxseed oil, Super Omega 3 oils or Evening Primrose oil is often very helpful.

If you catch yourself double checking things I would take Nerve Control instead of the Herbal Sleep and if you see things out of the periferal vision, such as movement or something scampering across the floor that isn't there, I would subsitute

Other Suggestions and their limitations

  • CD's
  • Magnetics
  • White Noise
  • Pill
  • Melatonin
  • Pain Pills
  • Adrenals
  • Nervous System
  • Side effects of meds
  • caffeine
  • new borns hunger

Nervous system

My Suggestions


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