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Are you an Addict?

An addict is anyone who persistently or habitually pursues or practices that which causes them to be psychologically or physically dependent in spite of the consequences of that practice.

There is a real stigma to the word.  It seems to indicate lack of will power, when in actuality it may be a lack of control.  The most conservative numbers from my research says that 2 out of 5 people have one sort of an addiction or another.

There are even more types of addictions than there are causes for them.

Whether it is an uncommon addictions such as: gambling, nymphomania (sex), sugar, people/relationships, or adrenaline rush (thrill seeking) or addictions more common such as: Caffeine, tobacco, drugs, alcohol or food.  There are 3 main theories and a few minor theories on the cause.

Chemical Imbalance

One theory is a chemical imbalance.  There are neurotransmitters which help produce serotonin, endorphins, etc.  They give a person a feeling of well being.  Without these a person would feel dismal and usually commits suicide or turns to an artificial stimulant which supplies an artificial chemical soothing.

Without this stimulus their lives are empty, dull and emotionally dead.  It is little wonder why someone who feels like that 24 hours a day would turn to something, anything that would help.

The paradox is that the chemicals that addicts turn to lowers the body's ability to release these neurotransmitters.  It is a vicious cycle.

The lack of endorphins also causes a lack of hope and optimism.  Therefore, often in the beginning the addict seems self defeating.

It makes sense that to re-establish the body's function would increase the body's ability to release the lacking neurotransmitter, re-estabilishing chemical balances.

The thicker the myelin sheathing on the nerve ganglia the more potential for the amount of  neurotransmitters released.  I would, therefore, suggest a combination called Nerve Control (formally known as RE-X), Flaxseed oil and Spriulina *   to help nourish the myelin sheathing.  St. John's wort has also been added to help (caution not to be taken with Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors such as Prozac).

Exercise helps the body release endorphins.

Proper thyroid function is needed to encourage the brain to produce lithium and other chemicals.  Spirulina is high in iodine which nourishes the thyroid.


The second cause is an allergy.  Studies indicate the way that an addict feels during withdrawal is the same as when allergens (things which you are addicted) are removed.  Ironically most of us crave that to which we are sensitive or allergic.

An example of this is alcoholics.  Some prefer vodka (which would be a potato allergy due to a B-1 or B-6 deficiency) while others crave beer (yeast allergy due to a zinc or chromium deficiency) and others flavored liquors (which is a corn allergy due to a magnesium  deficiency) or others that have no preference which could indicate a sugar allergy due to a lack of chromium).   So it may not just be the alcohol alone that is causing the alcoholism.


Some believe that the third cause is a genetic weakness on either the nervous system or the liver.

These genetic weaknesses are thought to cause the inability to process carbohydrates and sugars.  This could cause a inconsistent blood sugar level, which can cause mood swings and a deep desire to get a sugar or chemical fix.

Health professionals for years have noticed the diabetes/alcohol connection.  They assume the alcohol causes the diabetes.  Understanding the function of the body, it makes more sense to believe  that although alcohol aggravates the condition that unstable sugar levels cause both the alcoholism and diabetes.  

The good news seems to be that if you correct the cause of your addiction, genetics can be altered.  If parents abstain and rebuild (DNA) their children may be born without the predisposition to addictions.

Other minor theories on cause of addictions

Most addicts are deficient in protein.  This would also contribute to erratic sugar levels.  A healthy source of fat (such as  * Flaxseed Oil) also helps the body manage serotonin.

Other nutrients could include B-5 (pantothenic acid), minerals, chromium(chelated to niacin {2000mcg}), folic acid, L-carnitine(1 gram daily in morning and half at night), Balance B-Complex(20 X RDA).  L-Glutamine (1 gram per day) have helped curb alcohol consumption.  Zinc (15 mg per day).

Physical, emotional discomfort, low self esteem

If you listen to the media, you may get the impression that this is the number 1 cause of addictions.

Although it does play an important role on how the addict starts taking chemical substances into their body it does not cause the addictive disease.  The fact is, if you have never taken a drink of alcohol, you will not become an alcoholic, etc.

Addictions can also be psychological.  The addict often does not physically crave chemical substances, but uses them  as a social crutch.

In conclusion

There are many causes of addiction.  It may take a while to figure out what may help you.

The most commonly suggested regimens are as follows:

Sugar - Number one addiction.  At a class I took, the instructor said, the cocaine addiction was easier and more successfully stopped than sugar addiction. (without herbs of course).  Most people use chromium that is chelated to niacin or GTF Chromium.

Smoking - Nicotine- Lobelia has a substance called lobeline which helps with nicotine withdrawal.  In a combination with  St. John's wort (nature's Prozac - not to be taken with Prozac type drugs) which helps with the nervous system.

Alcohol- Detoxifying the liver is very important.  Milk thistle or  Liver Cleanse (formally LIV-A), *  Burdock Root. Zinc helps support detoxifying enzymes.  Also working with the allergies listed in the beginning of this article may be beneficial.

I had someone in my organization that did great work with alcoholics until she, herself, succumbed  to the aftermath of years of alcohol and drug abuse.

Many had reported to her that their cravings totally disappeared.  She had given them L-Glutamine and Chromium (2000 mcg)

Drugs - Less is known about drug addictions.  It is evident that working with the chemical in the brain is the best way to go.   Oatstraw has been successful for Opium type addictions.

Emotional - for emotional addictions I would suggest you determine a Bach flower formula.  Miscellaneous herbs are skullcap, hops and valerian.

All addictions - Tahitian Noni seems to be a lifesaver for many who have an addictive personality.  It has been used successfully by those with drug addictions, cigarettes, alcohol and sugar.  It is also helpful for depression and vitality.

The healthier the body, the more able it is to handle physical withdrawal.  It is important to avoid any chemicals and toxins.  It is imperative, to be successful, that you keep your body healthy and toxic free in all ways.

Addictions can run and ruin lives.  To be an addict you do not have to be homeless or in the gutter.  Many addicts function without others knowing their secret.  But, by definition, if you persistently or habitually pursue a practice of which you feel physchologically or physically dependent,  you are an addict.

Take heart, although the media exploits those who can never break free, some studies of addicts using natural means have reported up to 75% success of overcoming addictions.

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