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Age Spots or more accurately named Liver Spots and their causes as well as suggestions to help prevent and reverse.

Age spots

The mere name "age spots" bothers me.  My 88 year old step father does not have them and mine started popping out in my late 30's.  More correctly they are liver spots.

Liver spots are caused by poor diet, rancid oils, free radical damage (called lipofusion accumulation), toxic blood, and chemical absorption.  

Some of the things which cause free radical damage and premature aging are coffee, tea, soda, sugar, salt, alcohol, chlorinated water and tobacco.

If you are starting to develop or if there is a history of liver spots in the family, I suggest that you start taking what many call the Aces vitamins  A, C, E and Selenium.  The levels that I take are A - 10,000 IU, C - 1000 mg, E- 800 to 1200 IU.  Some include Zinc as an antioxidant. Possibly THE most powerful anti-oxidant known to man is called Thai-Go.

Cleansing the blood and liver may be advantageous.  Herbally I suggest: Milk Thistle combination and a combination called Liver Cleanse (formally known as LIV-A -

My favorite).  Also consider the liver flush.

Many have deemed fasting as the most efficient and fastest way to reverse liver spots.

The reason to prevent and reverse liver spots is not vanity but it is addressing a health conditions which can be the spring board to poor health.

Now that my liver health has improved some, and I have used Vit E with Selenium, most of my liver spots have faded.

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