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List of Health Conditions from A to Z

Arthritis, Rheumatism, osteo arthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis are explained in layman's terms offering diet, herbs, supplements suggestions.


Arthritis is probably man's oldest auto-immune disease.  Mummies uncovered in Egypt and excavated prehistoric man suffered from arthritis.

Some people might tell you that a certain remedy for arthritis worked for them, but when you try it - NOTHING.  Is your friend's cure all in his head?  Not necessarily. Arthritis is caused  by many different conditions. Different changes in diet and lifestyle might work for one person while a different approach is needed for the same results in someone else.  Listed are some of the most common causes of arthritis.

Lack of Nutrients

(especially calcium, fats and copper) (see also ***acidosis***)

Some people ask me if a copper bracelet works.  In theory it could.  Those who have a hard time utilizing copper suffer from arthritis.  Perhaps the body absorbs the copper through the skin.  I suggest correcting that persons metabolism.  (Organic copper is the only safe copper.)

Some say  Calcium deposits in joints are the body's way of protecting and storing calcium because the body has experienced a calcium famine at one time or another, either because it was not ingested or absorbed.  

Others say that the body cannot  utilize a calcium acquired from a poor source such as calcium from milk

(Oyster shells is not a good source of calcium)  I would only supplement with organic calcium.

The body only can utlize as many calcium molecules as it has magnesium molecules. Omega 3 oils and Vitamin D are also needed to get any benefit from the calcium they are taking.

Toxicity stemming from the bowel or the kidneys

Everyone knows that gouty joints are caused by too much uric acid (which should be filtered out by the kidneys) in the bloodstream.  *   Hydrangea  has historically been used to help the kidney in their functions.  Possibly the best combination, that I know is Concentrated "K".  It could also be to your benefit to drink a lot of pure water, which helps to flush out the kidneys. My favorite is Burdock and Safflowers.

Everyone's body replaces thousand of cells daily, even more so if injured.  The body draws nutrients to make those cells from the bowel.  If the bowel is toxic so will be the nutrients that make up the cells, leaving those cells in a weakened state or laced with toxicity, which the body's immune system then attacks causing inflammation and pain.

Weak Digestive System

Those who suffer withpoor digestion should try to avoid meats and other foods which are hard to digest.  Also not drinking with meals, keeps the HCL acid (which digests food) concentrated so it can better do its job.  Historically, safflowers have been used to help HCL production, also digestion aids such as:  PDA, Proactazyme, or Food Enzymes have been praised by many suffering from arthritis.

When food is not fully digested it ferments causing gas (burping or flatulence) but it also causes acid, which then attacks the joints.

Imbalanced or Poor Diet (which includes foods and drinks)

Soda, coffee and tea besides having adverse effects on the kidneys also attack and destroy the natural sodium cushioning.  Although caffeine is harmful to the body, tannic acid is the culprit that is detrimental to the joints, so decafe is just as bad.

For some who may have a food sensitivity avoiding a group of natural foods called the nightshade family (which includes tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, eggplant and tobacco products) may be beneficial.

Red meats and milk products consumption, which produces acid, is also  hard on the joints.

Ingestion of high sodium foods and herbs such as celery, Irish moss, kelp and rose hips help lubricate and nourish joints.  

Cutting out harsh foods and increasing beneficial foods for some will show strong favorable results.


Dr. Mary Schatz MD says: "Moving hurts but not moving destroys".  Incorrect moving harms, but intelligent moving heals."  Yoga and Tai Chi are two forms of intelligent moving.

Tei Fu or moist heat applied topically can ease the pain. Yucca and JNT-A taken may help soothe pain so mobility is less painful.

Historically used for Arthritis


Reason for Suggestion


As a pH (acid) balancer


Swelling and calcification breakdown


Bowel cleanser


(taken prudently) Helps prevent calcium  deposits.


Nourishes joints and help pull acid out of them.

 Mineral Chi

Good source of minerals (Helps pH)

Glucosamine and Condroiton

Helps reestablish joint lubrication.

It sometimes takes a combination of herbs to work on a variety of body systems.  I don't suggest that you start out with using all of the above at one time, but hope that it will give you some suggestions.  Going to an Iridologist, Herbalist, Kinesiologist or Reflexologist can usually help in choosing which route to go.

My mother is 76 years old (1996) and has suffered from crippling Rheumatoid arthritis for over half of her life. After changing a few things about her diet and supplementation, the health of her joints has improved so much you can actually see them straightening out.

The focus of this site is to "educate, validate, and suggest alternative methods for the treatment of health conditions," which are not readily available to those who go through mainstream programs.

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***When working with natural health it is beneficial that you have an understanding of the signs of a healing body. ***