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Arrhythmia, Arrhythmia of the heart can often be traced to a mineral deficiency.


Arrhythmia is an electrical problem that disrupts the heart's natural rhythm.  It manifests in two types Tachycardia (Fast heart beat - over 130 beats per minute)and Bradycardia (Slow heart beat -under 60 beats per minute).

Symptoms that a person might have would be:

For Tachycardia arrhythmia (abnormally rapid heart beat) - an abnormal heart beat, palpitations - recurring feelings like a pounding, racing or fluttering, discomfort in the chest, shortness of breath, dizziness or confusions, or sweating.

For Bradycardia arrhythmia (abnormally slow heart beat) - loss of consciousness, fatigue, or light headedness.

Keeping up a person's  potassium, magnesium and calcium balanced is extremely beneficial when trying to regulate the heart beat.  Symptoms of a magnesium deficiency are fluttering of the heart or a craving  for chocolate.  Symptoms of a potassium deficiency are charley horses, high blood pressure or discomfort in chest.  Symptoms of a calcium deficiency are menses headaches, or muscle spasms.  Balancing minerals is best done with the advice of a competent health practitioner.

Along with exercise, herbal regimens that have been used historically for arrhythmia are: Bugleweed extract,  * hawthorn berries, capsicum (which stimulates the heart beat.), CoQ10 and gingko.

Diet also can help when trying to keep the heart beat stable.  Elimination of stimulants or depressants such as coffee, tea and caffeine laced sodas, tobacco products, sugar and alcohol takes strain off the glands and circulatory system which help regulate the heart.

Thyroid (hyper or hypo) can effect heart rate.  The thyroid can be supported by Iodine products such as Kelp or Thyroid Activator (formally KC-X).  A hyper thyroid can be supported by working with the nervous system with  Nerve Control (formally RE-X), Evening Primrose oil and Spirulina.

I had advanced congestive heart failure which included arrhythmia.  After 2 years of mineral supplements and herbs (colloidal minerals 1 oz daily, magnesium, calcium (SKL formula now called Skeletal Strength) potassium and gingko and hawthorn) not only haven't I any signs of arrhythmia, but no longer any signs of congestive heart failure either.  I have not needed nitro or any heart medicine since 31 May 1994.

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