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Understanding the dangers of using Aspartame also known as Nutra-sweet. It has been linked to headaches, weight gain, etc, In the mid 2010's (I believe because people have heard so much about how dangerous Aspartame is) the newest name of this chemical is not called AMINO-SWEET.


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It isn't as sweet as you think !!!

In 1965 a chemist, named James Schlatter, while trying to develop a drug to treat peptic ulcers, happened to lick his finger to pick a piece of paper that had been splashed by the heated chemical with which he was working. He noticed that it was sweet to the taste. This was the accidental discovery of NUTRA-SWEET.

Now over 1,200 products contain aspartame (the chemical name for NUTRA-SWEET) If this chemical would have been marketed as a drug, it most likely would not have passed the scrutiny of the FDA. However, the FDA policy on food additives is much more laxed.

Avoiding chemicals is always using common sense, but many people don't realize that they may be ingesting toxic substances everyday hidden in many of the foods that they are consuming. NutraSweet is such a chemical. It can be found in baking mixes, breath mints, cereals (including many health conscious ones), a whole line of diabetic foods, frozen treats, fruit drinks, gum, hot chocolate mixes, gelatins, laxatives (including metamucil), puddings, prescribed and over the counter medicines, sodas, table top sweeteners, tea beverages and vitamins (including children's).

Many people believe that if it was unsafe then it wouldn't be on the market. Dr. Herbert L. Ley (former FDA commissioner) stated "The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them, it isn't.  What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day."

Understanding the components of nutrasweet gives insight into why it is so dangerous. There are three components of aspartame, two of which are amino acids: 40% is aspartic acid 50% is L-Phenylalanine.  L-Phenylalanine in nutrasweet is at least 10 X of higher concentration than found in protein, this sudden rush of L-Phenylalanine causes an imbalance in the brain. The third component, methyl alcohol, is a deadly poison that when ingested converts to formaldehyde and formic acid, which poisons the thymus gland.

A possible and safe alternative to Aspartame is Stevia.

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