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When an asthmatic episode happens the membrane lining of the respiratory system swells or the muscles of the respiratory tubes spasm or collapse which is often accompanied by thick mucus production.  This mucus, spasms and swelling then restricts air flow, producing a feeling of suffocating and tightness in the chest.

When in an acute attack (Acupressure technique for asthma crisis), I suggest that you get your butt to an emergency room.  After you are out of the crisis, I suggest that you try to cleanse and build your body to try to avoid future attacks.

Asthma can be sparked by many things such as:  Stress, infection, excitement, cold and dry air etc. (intrinsic which is a non allergic or non immune response type asthma), or by cigarette smoke, animal dander, molds, mildew, dust, feathers, pollen etc. (extrinsic - involves immune or antibody stimulation).  There are also some attacks which have no apparent reason.

The medical treatment of asthma are administered in 2 forms:  Oral and inhalers (bronchial dilator - preferable because of its direct delivery into the lungs needing 1000 times less of the medication than the oral form).

Inhalers usually contain epinephrine a synthetic form of adrenaline which is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands.

There are many natural ways of trying to prevent the inducing of asthma attacks.

Why the body would cause the bronchial to swell or constrict?  One possible cause is that the respiratory system is so taxed with toxins or acids that it is trying to protect itself from more invaders.

The main causes of these toxins and acid is poor digestion and elimination.

Most natural health professionals counsel people to have 3 to 5 bowel movements a day.  This does 2 main things as it relates to the respiratory system.  

One reason is a sluggish bowel will cause a backing up as the mucus drains.  For example, if the pipes in the cellar are partially clogged the tub upstairs will drain slowly.  The other possible connection is that when one eliminating system is sluggish the others try to take up the slack.

The body eliminates (for instance energy burning produced) acids through the respiratory system.  If the tissue of the body is over acid, it may be more than the lungs can handle.

This acid would eventually destroy the lungs.  So the body as a defense mechanism will produce mucus to buffer or water down the acid in order to help protect the delicate tissue of the respiratory system.

There are several ways that the body produces acid, one is through an over acid diet, another is poor digestion (what doesn't digest fully will ferment developing a gas and acid) the last is negative thoughts (for more info on this aspect read YOUR HEALTH YOUR CHOICE by Dr. Morter).

Often when the pH is corrected the body no longer produces abnormal amounts of phlegm or mucus.

Another avenue to explore is food allergies.

As stated earlier bronchial dilators are a synthetic of the hormone that should be produced by the adrenals.  

The body has an on and an off switch mechanism for every function of the body.  For example, one neurotransmitter will tell a muscle to turn on (or contract) and another will tell it to turn off (relax).  A Charlie horse is when this balance is off.

It follows common sense reasoning that if the adrenals produce the hormone which tells the bronchial to stop spasming or contracting that keeping the adrenals healthy may help.

Herbs and nutrients that have been used historically to nourish the adrenals are:  Pantothenic acid, potassium (keep magnesium balanced) and the herb of choice is licorice (caution if you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes).

For digestion I would suggest Food Enzymes.

For acid, I would suggest Mineral Chi.  For nutritional support of the lungs for most people I would suggest rotating ALJ and LH.

Another helpful suggestion may be exercise or yoga to help improve lung function (as tolerated).

If you are away from medical treatment, historically  lobelia extract has been used as a natural bronchial dilator.

I once read that Vitamin C helps increase your lung function.

Count yourself fortunate if you do not suffer from asthma.  If you want to understand a little about what it feels like to be asthmatic, clamp your nose with a clothes pin and breathe through a straw, now try to go and do some of your daily activities.  As you will see, it is very difficult.

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