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Athletes Foot

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Ever get an itch on the foot that just won't quit?  Got cracks on the bottom, or rough skin on the heels or bottom? How about thick toenails?

All of these could indicate that you might have Athlete's feet.  Athlete's feet is nothing more than a fungus, a yeast of the feet.

There are a few things you can do.  One of the most important is to become yeast free from the inside out.  Another is to soak your feet in strong distilled vinegar water (50/50 solution), for 30 minutes, while periodically scrubbing loosening skin with a plastic pot scrubber.  

You can also put on topically: Noni cream, Tea tree oil, Colloidal Silver, etc.

I would also keep my feet dry.  Use protection when in places you are likely to be exposed, like locker room showers

Once it takes hold of you, athletes foot is tough to overcome, but not impossible.

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