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ADD, ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder, Having ADD, having a child with ADD doesn't have to be so trying, because often building the myelin helps the ability to focus.

How can I help my child get the grade?

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Sometimes a child is labeled as unmotivated or mentally slow, or having attention deficit disorder (ADD), when it could be nutritional, rather than emotionally or intellectually based.

There is a lot of emphasis and pressure on our school age children to get better grades and to all have the same abilities and personalities.

While eating brown rice (for example) probably won't make your child another Einstein, it could perhaps increase his ability to absorb what is being taught.

Besides there has already been an Einstein what we may need now is someone exactly like your child.

I hope you don't mind that I am about to vent.  If a child can draw but can not do math he is called stupid.   If a child can do math but can't draw they just pass it off.  Who is to say what is important, while accountants and the like may give structure to our world, those who can draw etc., bring beauty into our world.  We need both.

My son had ADD plus he was hyperactive.  I was sucked into the "this is how your kid should be" syndrome.  I have lost my son's love because of it.  Also his liver was almost destroyed by Ritalin. Please if there are parents out there reading this,  DO NOT let your school destroy your child when trying to make him or her into what they think he or she should be.   *** (Mr. Gabrielson the principal of my son's school, is an amazing man. Without his compassion, fairness and dedication, I don't know what I would have done.) But other teachers and principles frightened me into trying to change my son. He did change, he became angry and unhappy.

On the other hand there are some things that can be done nutritionally that can help your struggling child reach his potential.

Understanding More Fully the Brain

Our body is a highly developed machine, just as any other machine it needs a constant supply of energy or fuel.  (For instance, you wouldn't put apple juice in your gas tank and expect great performance!)

It also needs to be kept free from impurities (After all what would happen to the engine if sugar or dirt got into the gas?)

It is not hard to convince people that their car is not working properly because it doesn't have enough gas, or there is a foreign substance in the engine.  But when it is suggested that the brain would function more efficiently if given the right circumstances, people scoff.  Still studies show that children who eat breakfast do better in school.

The brain is usually only 1/50th of an average person's body weight yet it receives 1/5 of all the blood.  It is not hard to conclude that the brain is in constant need of proper nutrients.  It is, therefore, important to ensure that the needed properties are in that blood.

You might be thinking, it sounds good in theory but what could be the results of its application.  Well, "one study" as stated by Dr. Julian M Whitaker M.D. in his booklet "STAY MENTALLY SHARP FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE" showed that mentally retarded children given large doses of B-complex vitamins, trace minerals, and vitamin A boosted their IQ an almost unbelievable 10.2%..."

However, if you ask your doctor if it is possible to increase IQ with nutrition, he will probably tell you that it cannot be done.

Many parents want their children to have good tools for school.  Pencils, notebooks and organizers.  The best of tools you can offer your child is a brain working at maximum efficiency.

There has been very favorable comments by those who take the herb Gotu Kola concentrate ATC (called the memory herb) in conjunction with Blessed Thistle (draws oxygen and nutrients to the brain) and  Gingko/Hawthorn (helps circulation).

Added suggestions have been minerals (preferably colloidal) and Flax seed oil or Evening primrose oil (taken with a protein) as well as B-complex.  I also usually add Spirulina Which help protect nerve tissues and manufacture neurotransmitters. Also a Vitamin C deficiency is shown to diminish alertness, so I would also do Grapine for children.

Poor digestion is thought to be a culprit also. I suggest Safflowers.

What I usually suggest that a parent starts their children on Gotu Kola concentrate, Blessed Thistle, Grapine for Children, Flaxseed oil, Colloidal Minerals, Stress-J  and Spirulina.  It seems like a lot, it cost a lot, but I truly believe it is worth it.  

There is one more thing you can do for your child.  Although with all the pressures put on you it may be hard but the most important thing you can do is love him unconditionally and Celebrate who he is and realize that after you have given him all that he needs that maybe he is who he is because God made him that way.  He may not be our next Einstein but he may be our next Michael Angelo or Mother Theresa.

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