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Autism. Exploring possible causes and solutions for Autism.


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I want to be up front with you.  I have very limited experience with working with those who have autism.  The information in this article is purely from my research.  I don't know what all can be done.  I have heard at an herbal convention that some herbalist have seen results using natural approaches.

Health Professionals are baffled with Autism.  Although there are numerous theories, no one knows for sure what causes it.  I have no idea.  

The natural approach to health differs from the Medical.  A Natural Practitioner will balance the person.  Feeding deficiencies and cleansing out toxins.

Other health conditions I have worked with have disappeared after achieving the balance, and often we never know why the person is symptom free.

If you have a loved one with Autism, I would suggest that you read the following article and go to an Iridologist and see if the iris indicates any of the possible following conditions.

Some possible causes of autism are:

  1. Vaccines For information on government pay outs for vaccines and autism click here. If your child has had vaccines, I would use Vaccine detox homeopathic to try to pull out any impurities left from the vaccine. This does not effect any immune response to the virus of which the vaccine was given.
  2. Genetic tendency (if either of the parents have OCD, Trichotillomania (pulling out of hair), ADD or any other disorder involving the nervous system.
  3. Magnesium deficiency
  4. German measles contracted by a pregnant woman (If this is the case you would more than likely know it).
  5. Brain Stem Defects (can stem from a B-complex or  Folic acid deficiency in the first 3 months of gestation (pregnancy).
  6. Lead poisoning (which can be tested for and ruled out).
  7. Food allergies.
  8. Yeast infections and leaky gut syndrome (where undigested food and yeast leak from the intestines and gets into the blood stream.
  9. Parasites.
  10. Lack of digestive enzymes.

I do not think that Autism should be diagnosed without a professional, however here are some symptoms.  (If your child is exhibiting a few of these symptoms, it does not mean that he is autistic).

Autistic persons may show an obsessive attachment to an object more than to people.  They often are sensitive to noise and may want to go into a corner and be alone.  Many seem like they are in their own little world.

Some who are autistic do not speak while some have a ritualistic or seemingly bizarre speech pattern. Even though some have a very limited capacity to learn, others have a gift such as in music or math.

There is a technique called craniosacral therapy where a professional aligns the bones in the head gently (much like getting a chiropractor adjustment but more gently)  This therapy helps re-establish the flow of fluid which bathes and nourishes the brain and spinal chord.  For information on this I suggest you research the practice.  

A good over all vitamin/mineral supplementation may be beneficial (studies have shown a 30 to 60% improvement in behavior).  

A sound regimen would consist of a B-Complex with extra B-6.  Magnesium (especially if they seem wheat/gluten or milk/casein sensitive) seems to be the most deficient mineral in those who are autistic (make sure you keep it balanced with Potassium and calcium)(you may need professional help in this).  B-6 can not be used by the body effectively without magnesium.  Studies show there can be a normalization of brain waves and metabolism in addition to improvement in behavior.

Vitamin C seems to help reduce arm flapping and rocking often done by the autistic.

DMG a chemical has been used to improve eye contact and improve speech.

A diet devoid of all preservatives, artificial colors and flavors is a must.

Food allergies can be control either by eliminating the offending foods or by Dr. Lepore's method. Controlling food allergies has brought around results in alertness, hyperactivity and social interaction.

Some people autistic are very sensitive and can hear far beyond normal range.  Soothing music can be helpful.  Billie Thompson, Ph.D, Director of sound, listening and learning center in Phoenix, Arizona can give more information on this therapy.  

UPDATE: I recently heard of someone who used chelation to help draw out the effects of vaccines out of the brain of children who have autism. They reported dramatic results.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I do not believe in vaccinations. I had suggest to a woman not to vaccinate her son, which she didn't until he was 5 years old. Pressure of the school made her buckle and she got him his first MMR, he reacted negatively to it, and shortly after became profoundly autistic. When she had them tested, the doctors determined he was born with autism, and the parents just never noticed until then... Yeah right.

I just can't imagine the pain that a parent or loved one of someone who suffers from Autism must be going through.  Although, as I had said before, I have not extensively worked with autism, I have seen absolutely remarkable results in an array of health conditions.  I personally would exhaust whatever treatments that are out there.

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