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Ayurveda, Herbs from India. A very brief explanation of Ayurvedic medicine.

AYURVEDA - Herbs of India

Nature's Sunshine products is developing an Ayruvedic herbal line.  Although I do not fully accept or believe in the spiritual aspect of Ayurveda theory, while doing research,  I have come to the conclusion that the Ayurvedic combinations could deserve merit.

Ayurveda  translates to mean "Ayur- Long life" and "Veda-complete knowledge" or in other words "knowledge of long life".

The basis behind India's healing system is the notion that to be balanced is to be healthy.

They believe that only true harmony can be had by total balance of body, mind, senses and soul.  This is the underlying belief of all wholistic practitioners.

They also believe that the body is made up of five energy elements namely earth, water, fire, air and space.  Keeping the elements in the body in balance is the key to health.

They also believe that there are energies (doshas) that govern the elements.  Vata an air and space energy, governs the body's motor and nervous system.  Pitta fire energy, governs metabolism.  Energy from the earth and water, govern the structural system (bones and muscles).

These theories are amazingly close to the Chinese philosophy of constitutional typing.

There are two ways that the balance is restored by either supplementing the weakened element or buffering an overbearing element, much like nourishing a weakness or soothing a stress or overactivity.

A balanced diet is essential to the Vaidya (An ayurvedic doctor).   Suggestions such as meditation (I feel comfortable thinking of meditation as nourishing our spiritual beings and striving to get closer to God) and exercise such as yoga that is low impact and gentle to the body while incorporating all the muscles are common.

When you think about it, diet, getting closer to God and exercise is the basis of all wholistic regimens. I agree with the basic principles of the Indian health lifestyles.   Since all things are in constant flux including our mentality, spirituality, physical health and environment, everyone has a constant battle with balance.   Therefore, harmonizing must be an everyday process.

Ayurveda treatments have been used possibly even before recorded history.  The similarities between the Chinese herbalist and those from India are amazing.  This article by no means covers everything on this highly involved science which would take literally a lifetime to fully understand.  But, hopefully, it will help you to be a little more comfortable about the Ayurveda herbs.  

Most of the herbs are ones I have never heard of.  Fortunately, Nature's Sunshine has put these herbs in a balancing combination that can be easily used and understood.

Ayurvedic Skin detox (formally SKN-AV) - For all skin problems especially eruptions such as acne, boils, eczema and psoriasis.  SKN-AV nourishes the skin while helping it throw off toxins by increasing its circulation.

Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula (formally NBS-AV) - Used to help maintain proper blood glucose levels.

Ayurvedic Bronchial formula (formally BRN-AV) - All respiratory problems especially bronchial problems.  This is achieved by building the digestive system as well as the respiratory system.

Ayurvedic Joint Health (formally JNT-AV) - For joint inflammation, pain and degeneration.

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